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  • Feb 04 2020 16:57
    @goanpeca banned @tolgayilmaz
Dr. Muhammad Anjum
@srvmig Hi are you there ?
Md. Mahbubur Rahman
@anjumuaf123_twitter yes
I need to have python editor ( Sypder) & Anaconda libraries installed . Any one link available to download ?
will python 3.7.9 work on spyder

will python 3.7.9 work on spyder

If it helps, I am currently running 3.8.1 on Spyder, if the question is whether 3.7.9 specifically will run on Spyder, then I don't see why not, but I don't know for certain

I have been using Spyder through the Anaconda Navigator setup for a while now, but have seen the standalone installer and would rather use this. I am running Mac OS Catalina at the moment.
After installing, I have tried to open Spyder, but I am getting an error:

Spyder” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified.
macOS cannot verify that this app is free from malware.
Chrome downloaded this file today at 10:58 from docs.spyder-ide.org.

I cannot manually authorise it via System Preferences as is often possible, does anyone have any ideas?

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John Mead
Hello - can you help me with a problem ? Every now and then, "print" stops producing any output in the colsole pane. I've had this experience in both Spyder3 & 4. Is there anything I can do to remediate this ? Thanks
i'm new to this programming world i need for a little help
Dr. Muhammad Anjum
@ccordoba12 Dear Sir, I installed Anaconda already in Lubuntu 20.04 , but now how to get /start spyder from already installed anaconda? Please guide me
Erin Baquiran
HI i was wondering if there ws a way through spyder how i can convert my .py into a .exe?
Hi guys .
Does spyder includes libraries such as matplotlib , numpy , etc ?
Kyle Altendorf
@erinbaq I don't know about spyder specifically but pyinstaller is a common way to turn 'a python program' into 'a program'.
Kyle Altendorf
spyder-ide/qtpy#226 i am generally interested in helping get qtpy moving in terms of qt6 and mypy and py39 support, etc. there are PRs for all of these, though i haven't personally reviewed them. i understand there can be any number of things taking people's time, but is there some path forward on these points? i have a decent history contributing to python open source projects and i don't have to have a personal need for the direct bits i help with. if money would help, maybe there could be some of that. or, maybe there just isn't a path presently.
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the variable explorer panel is hidden on my pc.
How do I make it reappear?
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Laura Mariano
Hello! Just installed the latest version of Spyder (4.2.1) with the standalone installer. The optional pandas>=1.1.1 dependency is not installed by default when installing with the standalone installer, so I am getting an error when I try to open a pandas data frame from the variable explorer (Spyder was unable to retrieve the value of this variable from the console.). I installed using the MacOS standalone installer (Catalina OS), and didn't see an option anywhere in the installation process that allowed me to install pandas. Any advice on how I can get this working?
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Anatoly Kravchenko
Hi there. Does anybody know how to add gitlab library into spider?
Kedar Dhamankar
how to install mysql connector for spyder???
hi I am trying to import tkinter code but I cannot here is the error I get: import _tkinter # If this fails your Python may not be configured for Tk. I tryed to update app and ad tkinter in introspection but still same error. What can I do?
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Brian Toby
I have been working with the 5.0.0dev version and noticed some problems: 1) View & Help do not appear in menu (on Mac); 2) sphinx docs are not showing up for my project (works great in Spyder4); debugging with wxpython apps hangs in GUI startup. Should I open tickets? I am happy to work on debugging, but need some guidance on where to look.
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Hi there, I am new to tensorflow. I know that I should have a -64 bit- python version. I was have a -32 bit- one. so, I installed the new version.. but I cannot update it to anaconda and spyder. they still read the old python version. I changed the python path in the preferences in spyder but it gives me error that say: Error while finding module specification for 'spyder_kernels.console' (ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'spyder_kernels'). so, any one can help me??
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hi i May I have a question here?
  1. I think there is a problem with main focus while working with run selection in spyder.
    -For one editor, the main focus editor option works fine.
    -In the case of two editors using a new window, there is a fatal problem with focus on the console after run selection.

  2. If you open the same "test.py" in the new window and enlarge the editor, the main editor and the new window editor will be enlarged at the same time. Each of these enlargement and reduction functions should be applied.

Hi.when I choose "go to definition" while the definition about the module,parameter in the other self_defined code document,it fails. How could I solve it?
hi there, is there a 32 bit of the latest version?
Hi - I'm finding that Spyder 4.1.5 is hanging for about 10-15 seconds on start-up. It's just before the window pops up saying 4.20 is available - so maybe it's something to do with Spyder calling the mothership to see if there's a new version and there's a delay in the answer.
Anyone else seeing this?
I've cleared PYTHONPATH so there are no user-generated Spyder modules loading
I have tried spyder --reset
Hi! I experienced some issues last year, trying to launch Spyder after updating to big sur. I actually had to downgrade to Catalina OS to get it to work. Any chance this might be fixed by now?
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is it possible to use spyder console in some other pyqt programs?
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Wyatt Newhall
Hi! So despite my best efforts, spyder wouldn't update or install for some reason from my anaconda navigator (if anyone knows how to fix this, the subsequent problem is irrelevant), so I decided to download a standalone version of spyder 4.2.1 from the spyder website. I connected it to the anaconda interpreter, but now my iPython kernel is stuck saying "restarting kernel..." Cannot run any ipython code. Any suggestions?
Wyatt Newhall
Eh, never found what broke it, but I just wiped my anaconda environment and downgraded spyder and it works now
1 reply
Hello I am having problems with installing pandas bc for some reason it isnt installed yet
Hey guys,
is it correct that Spyder IDE does not support Tkinter?
Spyder shows me error with compilation, but if I open python code (I run it) outside of Spyder, everything works.
1 reply
can i update my spyder 4.2.0 to 4.2.1 by using anaconda, if i installed it by using pip?
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Hoang Phuong Le
hi i am moving from pycharm to spyder, do I need to install Python to use Spyder?
moreover, i am installing standalone Spyder (not through Anaconda), so how can I install package like tensorflow, keras?
3 replies
thank you all in advance
hello, i've installed the recent spyder 4.2.1 via gui. I have a conda env that i'm trying to get spyder to use but it keeps rejecting it. I go into preferences, and change the interpreter from "default" to "use the following python interpreter: " my conda env even shows up in the dropdown, but whenever i choose it and click apply or OK, it says "Invalid file path"
I know it's a valid working conda env, how do i get spyder to recognize it?
it gives me the same error whether i use the drop down, or i use the gui file explorer to point it to the conda env python.exe
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Eric Donald
I installed standalone Spyder because Anaconda wasn't working very well (endless buffering on updates, wouldn't open spyder, etc). With the standalone version, how do I install modules such as Pandas and Numpy?
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I was able to verify that I downloaded torch correctly by using the Anaconda prompt. I am using Python 3.7.9. When I tried to import torch in Spyder it says module is not found.
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I installed Spyder 4.2.0 and after running a program, it stops and reruns the program, and reruns the program endlessly. What must I do to stop this? Mac OS Big Sur.
could you please tell me how to import packages like prettytable or others into spyder directlu without pip install in cmd?#
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Michael Furey
Newbie, how do I get my kernel to connect?? Having issues. Using Anaconda Navigator, Spyder for IDE...Mac user. Thx!!