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  • Feb 04 2020 16:57
    @goanpeca banned @tolgayilmaz
I just saw this on YC News, and I'm (very enthusiastically) looking at it now. I'm a fan of Jupyter, but always happy to see other tools in this space. One note: the copyright in the footer still says 2020.
I haven't tried it. Is it heavy like VS Code?
I need a snappy fast ide
shih candy
Where is the port of lisp. Let me see. Do you know the path and port, please tell me?
The idea is to ask you to try how to change the offices Word directory to publish books in Taiwan?
I get ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'gurobipy' my Spyder IDE.
shih candy
Make sure to set the InfUnbdInfo parameter equal = 1 in order to restore FarkasDual rays.
Thanks for your input. I shall look into it.
Oscar Gustafsson
@TMCG123 How did you install Gurobi? If not through Anaconda, you probably need to set the PYTHONPATH explicitly. Select Tools -> PYTHONPATH manager and then add the path to gurobipy. (I believe the response from @shihcandy1_twitter will not help you as it seems like a random Gurobi hint rather than what you asked for.)
Thanks Oscar. I'm now trying to install pyomo. I want to get some hands on experience with optimization. I have created a Python environment and am trying to install the package into that environment. I have been able to download the pyomo package with the command:conda install -c conda-forge pyomo. Sadly I'm not having much joy downloading the solver 'ipot' - I get PackagesNotFoundError.
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Hello, anyone there?
Someone please help me, When I was running a program, spyder crashed saying internal error, and it deleted my entire current folder, is there anything I can do?
Hi, do I have to install Python first to install standalone spyder (without anaconda)
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Thanks again Oscar for trying to help. I have found a solution. I have downloaded Lindo. It's all I need to start understanding linear programming.
Eric Donald
salem imad
AttributeError: module 'serial' has no attribute 'Serial'
Kyle Altendorf
@salemimad2_twitter the common reason for errors like that is that you named your file serial.py and are trying to import it rather than the pyserial library. but there's a lot of guessing here.
salem imad
Kyle Altendorf
@salemimad2_twitter welp, import serial; print(serial.__file__) and it ought to tell you where it is.
Kevin Hein
Hello there, I want to deploy spyder via system center but I cant find the right switches for the installation. Is it possible?
Michele Ancis
Hi - I see Spyder frequently hangs after performing simple I/O tasks on (pretty small, text) files. It also hangs 'the same way' after renaming a file from the 'Files' pane - I'm on Windows10. Any pointers/suggestions where to start looking to debug the behavior?
Hopefully this is a simple one, just starting out with Spyder/Python with some online tutorials but when running scripts the console is only displaying the filepath of the python file im in with the runfile or runcell command before it. does not display any outputs from the scripts even when the are visible in the variables pane.
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example results :
runcell(0, '/Users/*/.spyder-py3/temp.py')

runfile('/Users/*/.spyder-py3/temp.py', wdir='/Users/*/.spyder-py3')

The ** are just to blank out username,

Benoit Lambert
Hey is there a way to configure Spyder to alert me when a script is done running?
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Conda Environment for Tensorflow-maxos(M1 Apple)
pip install spyder

ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement pyqtwebengine<5.13 (from spyder) (from versions: 5.14.0, 5.15.0, 5.15.1, 5.15.2)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for pyqtwebengine<5.13 (from spyder)

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SILly question. it is not allowing me to resize the editor. it is like it is stuck in full screen.
Md. Mahbubur Rahman

Off topics:
I am trying to make save data in another row
df = [1.6, 2.7, 3.4, 4.5]
new_df = pd.DataFrame(columns = [A, B, C, D])
I am trying
new_df.iloc[0:1, 0:] = df
Its working in my Spyder, which python version is 3.8

1.6 2.7 3.4 4.5

But in colab its producing NaN value


colab python version is 3.6.
Can anyone tell me why it is happening? And how to solve it?

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Nicola Ippolito
Hi everyone! I have install spyder by Standalone, but here I am not able to install new packages. How can i do
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Roshan bernard
Pease do help me, I am new to programming , ive enrolled in a course which uses canophy , but that version is no longer available now, Ive installed anaconda , but i get error while using the linspace to plot graphs
Please help me. I'm trying to enter my full name as author in the SPYDER IDE, but I'm not KNOWING WHERE TO GO TO CHANGE.
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Hello everyone, I am trying to use pandas with Spyder but the simple command import pandas as pd gives me all sort of errors. Any suggestions?
Riki Diosi
Hello can anybody help me how to upgrade interpreter to 3.9
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shih candy
Can anyone tell me how to delete this red X.. My file was kidnapped.
Hi, I was wondering if the problem with the tkinter code has been solved. Last month I was not able to work it and you said that it will be solved with a new update this month
1 reply
Hi. Do I have to buy the commercial package if I only install the latest version of Spyder? (working in an organization with more than 200 employees)
4 replies
Bob Johnson
anyone know what I need to install on NPP that can debug node js files
how to plot live chart's in spyder
can anyone please explain why live plots is available in spyder
2 replies
I've installed miniconda but standalone spyder giving me pip issue
3 replies
i dont want to create a separate env
This message was deleted
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I want to ask that spyder uses python 3.7 edition but I want to use 3.9 editon plus when I run turtle library , screen does not work properly. Why?
1 reply
How to install or update packcage in spyder standalone installer