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  • Feb 04 2020 16:57
    @goanpeca banned @tolgayilmaz
Rogine Ceballos
May I know how to resolve AttributeError: 'int' object has no attribute 'strip'
HI, why can i no longer see the variables generated by a function?
@mczakk of what type are the variables? did you check the settings in the variable editor?
Question: Is there a reason why the remote-kernel setup cannot be done automated? It should be relatively easily possible to automatically login, start a kernel, fetch the ID and then connect that in the local Spyder, or am I mistaken?
Diarmuid Henry
I'm having trouble installing gurobipy in Spyder: can anyone help?
Ajo George
mysql is not working with spyder
Not able to install Spider Windows release on Windows ARM base by Windows 20H2. As Windows ARM support x64 emulation, would know how to waive this.
mysql.connector isnt recognized in python even after installing,please help !!!!!
@skjerns Any of the variables generated by the function called in the script. Yes i checked the settings in the variable editor, al options unchecked.
I am using Spyder on windows 10. The problem is Spyder does not launch the first time I click on it. In fact I have to launch it 6-7 times and after that it launches once.PS-I am using Spyder without Anaconda
How to upgrade to Spyder 4.2.5
And Phython 3.9
What version of spyder do you need to do machine learning?
Want the spyder for 32bit windows
hellooo... the help pane in my Spyder doesn't work as in the documentation "understanding help modes" first image. I am completely lost between linting, autocomplete, help and introspection settings, and then there is kite. Can anyone help clarify all these settings? I do not also find explanation of all settings in the docs page.
I can't install Spyder notebooks? Any suggestions?
python -m pip install spyder-notebook
works ok for me #%% and you get the cell
**if you are trying spyder-notebook on spyder 5 it shows as incompatible though..try spyder 4.2.5
I got a kernel after installation
An error ocurred while starting the kernel
An error ocurred while starting the kernel
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Users\rpacleb\Anaconda3\lib\site‑packages\spyder\plugins\ipythonconsole\plugin.py", line 1422, in create_kernel_manager_and_kernel_client
File "C:\Users\rpacleb\Anaconda3\lib\site‑packages\jupyter_client\manager.py", line 240, in start_kernel
File "C:\Users\rpacleb\Anaconda3\lib\site‑packages\jupyter_client\connect.py", line 470, in write_connection_file
self.connection_file, cfg = write_connection_file(self.connection_file,
File "C:\Users\rpacleb\Anaconda3\lib\site‑packages\jupyter_client\connect.py", line 141, in write_connection_file
with secure_write(fname) as f:
File "C:\Users\rpacleb\Anaconda3\lib\contextlib.py", line 113, in enter
return next(self.gen)
File "C:\Users\rpacleb\Anaconda3\lib\site‑packages\jupyter_core\paths.py", line 461, in secure_write
File "C:\Users\rpacleb\Anaconda3\lib\site‑packages\jupyter_core\paths.py", line 395, in win32_restrict_file_to_user
sd = win32security.GetFileSecurity(fname, win32security.DACL_SECURITY_INFORMATION)
pywintypes.error: (50, 'GetFileSecurity', 'The request is not supported.')
spyder 5 is buggy unfortunately and doesnt work with spyder-notebook, if you use spyder-notebook i suggest waiting for the compatibility patches
4.2.5 is more than ok!
I used spyder 4.2.5
i recommend regular installation..for the same reasons you express, years doing just fine like that..just python -m pip install spyder...and been fine for years
Brady Begeman
Are there any plans of producing a signed MacOS app? On my work computer, I can't open apps from "Unverified" developers (yes, even after going to Settings and "Run Anyway").
Brady Begeman
This is in reference to the 5.0.0 release
Hi, guys! I just installed 5.0.0. There are two issue: when spyder starts, it always complain about that I have missing dependency issue of the spyder_kernels. However, my version is 2.0.1 which is satisfied the requirement. The second problem is the outline of source code not working . It works when I just installed spyder, somewhat later on it no longer work. Just show the file name in the outline pane, nothing else. Do you guys have any idea how to solve this?
1 reply
The outline issue is really annoying since I highly rely on that feature.
I don't get the Exception's cause property - is this not implemented ?
Diarmuid Henry
Gurobipy: it's installed on my computer, and i've installed my license, yet it still says "No module named 'gurobipy'" every time I run a program with gurobipy. Any ideas?
can I use spyder 5 from python 2.7
give it a try with python -m pip install spyder
4.2.5 is ok like that in my personal experience, remember to help carlos cordova keep up with this worthnoting pycharm alternative
I am getting the following error: 'ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'finviz'' I did the pip install. Is my path incorrect? I'm using windows
I installed spyder 5.0.0 but everytime I open the app, spyder 3.7 (the old version that I had on my pc) opens up
Mert Gör
Hi there
We are searching for Spyder4 on Ubuntu 20.04.2
I will be back
I have a question guys
so, my spyder is currently running on the default python version (3.8.5)
but I need to do an assignment that needs python 3.7
so how do I get spyder to back-date itself to 3.7?
Hi! I am searching for a vim plugin for spyder.
Saurabh Dhabe
Hello. I launched Spyder and it is showing me a pop up of missing dependencies.