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  • Feb 04 2020 16:57
    @goanpeca banned @tolgayilmaz
Saurabh Dhabe
Please suggest.
It's a false positive error fixed in coming spyder-5.0.1 via spyder-ide/spyder#15100
hi there
can i seek for help ?
when i using spyder and trying to import networkx
it just said it dont have the module
i use the Mac book bigsur 11
what should i do?
I installed kite for spider in Mac mini (M1, 2020), but unable to open. It stop at initialising position.
Vittorio Giammarino
hi there, I have just upgraded my spyder version to 5.0.0., the code folding feature that was introduced in spyder 4. Is it for everyone or something went wrong during the upgrade or I just have to enable it?
Hi Is there anybody who can tell me where to change the background color
from black to white
In using spyder 5.0.0 with python 3.8 and rkinter is not working.
Devon Rowland
Hello, I just installed Spider and I want to know how to goto a line number because there is no goto in Python. I think now Python is pretty cool. Cooler than Java Script, or where to find it in my book. I have line numbers enabled.
Devon Rowland
What is Spyder kernel?
@Mr.Mr.lab_gitlab are you referring to the error message on Spyder 5 install?
the developers said its a bug and 5.0.1 will fix it, to be released soon
I am have a tough time getting rid of the "Spyder has encountered an internal problem" (version 4.1.5) .. I did some updates using the anaconda prompt and since then this pop seems to be prevalent every time I run a code.
The second part of my problem is that my Anaconda and Spyder are not updating to the latest versions. So should I just fully reinstall Anaconda ?
Thanks for any help !
Christian Rueda
Spyder Launch ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'PySide'
Spyder version: 3.3.5
Python version: 3.7.10
Qt version: 5.9.7
PyQt version: 5.9.2
Operating System name/version: Windows 10 x64
how to i activate autocompletion? i get nothing pressing tab or ctrl+space, or anything else? once sypder is isnalled what needs to be done? thanks
there is a spyder standalone installer for windows and for mac - why not for linux?
When I create a new file, untitled0.py, in my current working directory and then execute it, the actual file untitled0.py doesn't get created in the current working directory. Where is this file? I have "Automatically save a copy of files with unsaved changes" checked in Preferences -> Editor -> Advanced Settings. I'm running Spyder 5.0 on a Mac (Big Sur)
3 replies
if conda doesn't have PyQt5-5.15... would it be a problem to replace constraint 'pyqt5<5.13' per 'pyqt5<5.16' (and 'pyqtwebengine<5.13' per 'pyqtwebengine<5.16') ? PyQt-5.12 is really old
Saptak Bhoumik
Hi everyone, I wrote a web browser in python
using the pyqt5 framework and I would like to have some feedback about this. Source code is at :- https://github.com/SaptakBhoumik/WebPlus
Is there something that can be done better?
I would love to hear your feedback and recommendations! :)
Thank you in advance!
@SaptakBhoumik , what is it based on chrome/mozilla? extensions/addons available?
Saptak Bhoumik
@ilcaa72 It is based on qt which is based on Chromium
@ilcaa72 currently add-on are not available but will be available soon
Hello, I would like to use the pandas read_html instruction. There is an error message telling me that I need to install lxml. I don't know how to install it in the Spyder environment. Can you help me please?
Saptak Bhoumik
@MicheleBolognesi try this command conda install -c anaconda lxml
@SaptakBhoumik Unfortunately don't work
@SaptakBhoumik in which directory I have to run the command?
Saptak Bhoumik
@MicheleBolognesi can you tell what type of error it is showing
I just installed a new Spyder Version.. and getting this error now
pip install nltk
Note: you may need to restart the kernel to use updated packages.
'C:\Program' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
how to fix it ?
Saptak Bhoumik
@aviz123 make sure that spyder is installed in path
Serious urgent problem: Can't install packages on the Spyder I installed using Standalone windows installer. This basic instruction should be on the site
For standalone, like RStudio, package installation should not require leaving the IDE
If anyone have any idea how to use Spyder for Python programming i am new to programming
Hello, when i am trying to run a simple print in spyder it always executes the previous command and will never go forward.
please help
Jessie Dotson
I'm trying out spyder for the first time and used the now recommended standalone mac installer. But now I'm trying to install my go-to packages and can't figure out how to do so... All the documentation explains how to install packages when using an anaconda install of spyder. help!
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Hi, before you can know HOW to use Spyder (or any IDE) you need tp know WHAT you want to do. If I were you I would learn a programming language. Doing this you will learn how to use Spyder.
where to download the earlier version of spyder
1 reply
the 5.0 version works slowly
Hi there, I am having issues when I created a virtual environment via conda to use some pip packages. I installed spyder-kernels via pip, however when I open spyder and have it pointed at the new virtual environmnet I get the error saying my python environment doesn't have the spyder-kernels or the right version installed...
I tried re-installing but still having this issue
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