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  • Feb 04 2020 16:57
    @goanpeca banned @tolgayilmaz
Melissa McCorriston
Hello, I can't seem to change my python interpreter in spyder on my mac (I installed the stand alone version). No matter what path I enter I get a message "Invalid file path" and none appear in the drop down.
Md. Mahbubur Rahman
Is it true that anaconda has discoutinued the Spyder update??
whenever i open spydder by navigation i see this

C:\Users\Russell>chcp 1252
Active code page: 1252

C:\Users\Russell>call C:\anaconda\Scripts\activate C:\anaconda

(base) C:\Users\Russell>spyder 1>nul 2>nul

if closed spyder will close also

how to fix this please
installed on win 10 pc
everyone help me if you can
Hi, I can install spyder 5 on anaconda ( failed with initial frozen solve. Retrying with flexible solve.) and spyder 4 have and issue
Juanita Gomez
Hi @/all! We have a new UX/UI designer part of our team and we have been working with her on a new logo for Spyder. Users opinion is always very important for us so we would like you to help us decide on the new logo. Here is the link with the official issue for voting. Please do before June 4th spyder-ide/ux-improvements#50
Juan Carlos Monllor

Hello. I have a problem. An error ocurred while starting the kernel
Your Python environment or installation doesn't have the spyder‑kernels module or the right version of it installed (>= 2.0.1 and < 2.1.0). Without this module is not possible for Spyder to create a console for you.

You can install it by running in a system terminal:

conda install spyder‑kernels=2.0


pip install spyder‑kernels==2.0.*

1 reply
Spider doesn't start the console. What can I do?
Md. Mahbubur Rahman
@ccordoba12 please take no offense. Is it true that anaconda has discoutinued updates for Spyder. If that is the case we need to use forge or standalone version to install. Sorry for mentioning you.
Carlos Cordoba
@srvmig, I don't know what happens with Anaconda, to be honest, but I hope they will resume updating Spyder at some point. Unfortunately, a lot of errors present in our 5.0.0 version (the last one available in Anaconda) are fixed now in 5.0.3. So the only way to get those fixes is by using Conda-forge or our installers, as you said
how do i install libraries like sklearn ,seaborn
theres nothing better than a bloat free direct pip installation in my opinion, remember to contribute to the spyder project!
how to save and open the a file
Hi, can someone help me pls ?
In French if it's OK for whoever can, but if it's only in English, then go on !
I am not managing to run my scrypts on spyder I always receive 'no module named pygame' . On other editors like Pycharm and Tonny my scrypts run without trouble. Would you help me on this issue? Thanks in advance
Saptak Bhoumik
@INeC-prog conda install pygames
Or conda install -c cogsci pygame
I'm unable to run gui (tkinter) in spyder .how to install gui in spyder .
Hi there
I have an error with message here:
Error from python worker:
ImportError: Bad magic number in /Applications/Spyder.app/Contents/Resources/site.pyc
I use: Python 2.7, Apache-Spark 3.0.2
and I use MacOS
how can I fix it?
when I connect to an existing kernel,
Spyder connection error:
could not open ssh tunnel. the error was: Paramiko not available.
hi, i am trying to install the line profiler. pip install spyder-line-profiler.... but i keep getting build error messages. im using version spyder v5.03... any assistance with installing this plugin?
In the folder containing the program i(ectension .py) I included the text file i would like to op, when I ran the spyder, got error message ; FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'word.txt', any bug with the spyder and you help me
installed 5.03... why do i get wrong spyder kernals cannot dispaly ipython console... how do i fix this?
Hello Im trying to excel file in spyder but im getting no module found xlsxwriter
i am here to learn programming
Bedilu Bekele Gutema
hello can i find someone to help me in pyhon basics?
hello I need help related to Internal Server Error in spyder
Saptak Bhoumik
@BediluBekele_twitter i can help
Benoit Lambert
Hey, in the past Spyder would open up all my previously open tabs / files but not anymore (I must open them each time I open Spyder now). How do I get Spyder to remember my open tabs?
4 replies
Thanks in advance for any help
cant understand
Hi I already have access to the spyder IDE through my Anaconda installation. Will installing Spyder outside of Anaconda (that is, directly onto my PC), break Anaconda or my access to Spyder through Anaconda?
How can I install an older version of Spyder? I want Spyder version 4 (not 5)
hello, i would like to know if the standalone spyder installer for windows also installs python, or if python needs to be installed separately.
8 replies
Sanjeev S Kenwar
Hello, can someone please advise if can run Spyder in browser on a server? Just like Jupyter Notebookds?
How to update Spider 5 version or what is the command line to update spider?


I have Spyder installed in my office computer. If I try to open a new Spyder Window through Remote Desktop from somewhere else, it does not open up. But, if I leave a Spyder Window open at my office, then I can access it.

Is there a way to fix this issue?

Maurizio Vannoni
Hi. I run Anaconda on a Mac. I updated to spyder 5 but it is lagging a lot. So I installed the Spyder app. This runs smoothly, but I cannot access the packages I installed under Anaconda.
1 reply
Hey, I just downloaded the standalone version of spyder without anaconda and am struggling figuring out how to install packages like numpy and sklearn
Raymond D. Lee, M. Sc.