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  • Feb 04 2020 16:57
    @goanpeca banned @tolgayilmaz
Nick Polyak
Also - spyder does not run %HOME%.pystartup file. How can I use a starup script with spyder?
Nick Polyak

Also - spyder does not run %HOME%.pystartup file. How can I use a starup script with spyder?

Seem like i figured that one out. You go to preferences->Python Interpreter and enter the path there.

Hello Guys?
is there anybody who can help me out with a task I do have ?
Meysam A
Hi all, the typing speed on spyder is pretty bad on my mac
can you anyone please help me with that?
anyone please?
I am just trying to get a new module into spyder and I can't seem to install it
I have tried downloading miniconda to try and get pip, but it doesn't seem to want to activate a path so it won't do anything either
I'm also trying to get spyder to cooperate with a new module that I installed through pip. I can see that it's installed on the computer, and I've tried setting a path for it, but spyder still doesn't recognize the module. I'm out of ideas on how to get it to work
The Spyder instructions for installing modules at on place says "click the name of the current environment in the status bar". What is meant by "current environment" and where is the "status bar"?
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How to connect spyder with mysql
please helpp
can anybody help me
Tim Bodin
Hello. I installed miniConda on an addl PC then installed spyder from conda command prompt. when I fire spyder it hangs message "loading completion and linting". Any idea why?
hello I have tried updating spyder ( and it says installation was successful in my terminal... also when I open anaconda it shows I have downloaded the most recent version.... but when I open spyder itself, it still shows an old 3.something version.. I have restarted and shut down my computer...
any help?
how to resolve import error in spyder
@samitchell676 I am also facing the same issue.. as per my understanding spyder uses different environment. we need to install modules to that environment.. that is what i am not getting
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Dragan Gecan
Hello, in Spyder 5.0.5 debugger doesn't work. When I run debugger the code is executed all the way through without stopping at breakpoints. Any idea why? Thanks.
Hi, I want to use the module arcgis.features from arcgis (Esri) and I have imports errors. I have installed the environment like my other environments (with conda) and also verified that the environment is activated. I see it in my list and everything seems alright. I have not find much information about that module online, I would need help to better understand why it doesnt work. Thank you :) !
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Guys help me I am unable to code matplot in spyder
how to do
Vivek Tarai
I want to use opencv. But its saying there's no module named cv2. how can i use it ? Help anyone
Hi @VivekTarai
I am having the same trouble. I had an older version of Spyder using Anaconda. Decided to install Spyder 5.0 and now I get the error below
"No module named 'cv2'"
spyder 5.0.5 is way too unstable compared to 4.2.5
I just want to say thank you for your great job!
Ayan Avitab
hi all, i just update spyder, the ipython console isn't working.Anybody know how i can resolve it?
hi all, I am new to Python, should I install Python 3.9.6 from python.org first then install Spyder or can I just install Spyder?
Tu Li
i want to know how to use @Slot(), why the function under the decorator not in the format as "on_sendObjName_sendSignalName"?
Spyder is not linting errors anymore, why?
I just installed the stand-alone Spyder v5 for Windows. It comes with its own Python and Python packages. I cannot see pip. How do I add / update packages?
Hey Wesley @wesletde_twitter: Depends on how you will install Spyder. Stand-alone or via Anaconda. I would download the .exe for the install and provide that to your sys admin.
Hi @VivekTarai and @aureliosalton, I am in the same boat, but with networkx. cv2 will need to be installed, but how? I do not see pip.
For those who cannot install / update packages, Spyder 5 did not come with PIP. PIP needs to be installed. Look here.... https://pip.pypa.io/en/stable/installing/
this chatroom is dead, right?
Kyle Altendorf
it's not the busiest, but i wouldn't call it dead. but, i haven't been keeping too close of track.
Sadly, whenever I post a question I do not get any response.
Spyder suddenly stopped linting my code, very strange.
Kyle Altendorf
yeah, that gets frustrating, sorry. i can't say i could really help since i'm only tangentially interested in spyder.
no worries, I appreciate your concern
such a shame, spyder is dead, migrating to a different IDe
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'sklearn'
Hi, the spyder 5.0.5 kernal can't connected, the spyder has been uninstalled and installed few times, windows 10 python 3.7
Toti Larson
Spyder 5.0.4 boots to a white screen. Just started yesterday on laptop (Windows 10). 5.0.4 runs fine on my desktop. Tried reinstall but same effect
Hello. I am brazilian, and I want to install the pygame package in Spyder, but I don't know how to do! Can you help me?
Hi. Is it possible to import seaborn library into Spider?
How could I do that?