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  • Feb 04 2020 16:57
    @goanpeca banned @tolgayilmaz
Hi @VivekTarai and @aureliosalton, I am in the same boat, but with networkx. cv2 will need to be installed, but how? I do not see pip.
For those who cannot install / update packages, Spyder 5 did not come with PIP. PIP needs to be installed. Look here.... https://pip.pypa.io/en/stable/installing/
this chatroom is dead, right?
Kyle Altendorf
it's not the busiest, but i wouldn't call it dead. but, i haven't been keeping too close of track.
Sadly, whenever I post a question I do not get any response.
Spyder suddenly stopped linting my code, very strange.
Kyle Altendorf
yeah, that gets frustrating, sorry. i can't say i could really help since i'm only tangentially interested in spyder.
no worries, I appreciate your concern
such a shame, spyder is dead, migrating to a different IDe
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'sklearn'
Hi, the spyder 5.0.5 kernal can't connected, the spyder has been uninstalled and installed few times, windows 10 python 3.7
Toti Larson
Spyder 5.0.4 boots to a white screen. Just started yesterday on laptop (Windows 10). 5.0.4 runs fine on my desktop. Tried reinstall but same effect
Hello. I am brazilian, and I want to install the pygame package in Spyder, but I don't know how to do! Can you help me?
Hi. Is it possible to import seaborn library into Spider?
How could I do that?
G'day -n00b here w/ a 1st post: following these instructions, i've used instructions from this page of docs to install Spyder Notebook, and it ran w/o a hitch in my console... But on restart of Spyder, there is no new Notebook entry at bottom of menu /View/Panes as promised in the doc. Am running Spyder 5.0.5, installed via Anaconda package manager. Can anyone shed light as to why this might be not working?
Dr. Muhammad Anjum
@falahfakhri-Iraq Plesae check my private message

Hi Guys,

To implementate Spyder into my work we need to know how to install Spyder by command line for windows on all users and in silent mode. I have no idea how to do this. Does 1 of you guys know how to do this from command line in windows?

Thanks in advance.

The Mongoose
Could anyone assist me in the best way to use Spyder with a Github?
Juanita Gomez
@ludwa6 that page is from the Spyder4 docs since the notebook is not yet compatible with Spyder 5. We will make it work in the future
Hi, I feel, spyder is so laggy on M1 mac
when will it getting better?
I am trying to use search and replace to add quotes to a word, I know i can select the word with \w+ but what do I use to replace it
When will the vim mode be available in Spyder?
Hello! I would like to report a little bug I noticed in Spyder. What the best channel to do so?
How to copy on selection at windows 10? I can't find any hints from the preference of spyder5.
John Obiebi (John King)
hello everyone
please how do i run streamlit in spyder?
This is WARNING this is my company. All authors law redirect to me or switched down all servers World Admin headworldspider@gmail.com
I am only one original SPIDER on this planet and i have access to all servers ;)
Hi, I was looking in to how to do remote kernels with Spyder. 1) It seems like from this Github issue spyder-ide/spyder#10946 that Spyder does not support automatically transferring the file being edited to the server to be executed, is that still true? 2) I was able to set up a remote kernel in Spyder, but it seems like Spyder doesn't really offer any features beyond what the IPython console does, e.g., the Variable Explorer does not show the state of the script on the server. Is this all Spyder can do or did I miss something? 3) Just out of curiosity, what was the goal of supporting remote kernels in Spyder? It seems like a lot of effort went into it but I can't think of a case where I'd use it as it is right now, unless I missed some configuration options or something.
Hi! I was wondering how could I change all the tabs (—>) on Spyder Python to be spaces instead? Already tried tools, preference, source code, and change indentation characters to 4 spaces... But stil didn't work :(((
Thanks so much my project depends on this!!
Hi, could you please answer my basic question.
Hong-Ying Chen
Why not print first
Guys got a quick question, is there a way to increase the resources directed to spyder? I am running some projects and they take lots of time. Thanks in advance!
hi, i have got an error when i launch the spyder:
C:\Users\ww2m19\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\spyder\utils\image_path_manager.py:45: UserWarning: The icon located in C:\Users\ww2m19\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\spyder\images\dark\kite.svg is overriding the existing kite
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Users\ww2m19\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\spyder\app\mainwindow.py", line 1617, in moveEvent
if not self.isMaximized() and not self.layouts.get_fullscreen_flag():
File "C:\Users\ww2m19\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\spyder\app\mainwindow.py", line 1156, in getattr
return self.get_plugin(self._INTERNAL_PLUGINS_MAPPING[attr])
File "C:\Users\ww2m19\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\spyder\app\mainwindow.py", line 169, in get_plugin
raise SpyderAPIError(
spyder.api.exceptions.SpyderAPIError: Plugin "layout" not found!
Vaibhav Thakur
i want spyder(32bit)
I use git checout command, and lose working tree . How should I recover those untracked files?
please help me
nathan c
Dang this ide has an irc??
Hi there,
I am having issues installing spyder 4 on Mac os Catalina - the program seems to crash on launch, reading 'Spyder Error' and no other information.
hi, I'm suffering from latency in the Spyder while typing codes. i'm using Macbook.
is there anyone who know any solution
i'm having trouble installing anaconda on linux in order to get to spyder in order to learn python. it downloads, but won't execute to install. any advice. fyi, i'm also a newbie to linux after being w windows for 25+ years. Thx for any suggestions! JB
@hatcomGH I solve it . Thank you. I chat about git reflog to find I commit it in other branches.