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Alexander Hunt
I go by SirMetathyst or T2RKUS
who can help me fix a bug in the code c#? Thx
does anyone know an elegant way to handle timers with Entitas
we have 15 timers for various different effects with a corresponding system but ideally this could be one timer component containing a list of timers
but then we lose the simplicty of e.hasSomeTimer
Alexander Hunt
We’ve moved to discord. Please ask your question here https://discord.gg/mu32gQ
Games Garage
Hi, what does it takes to create such a game: https://www.bubbleshooter.net/bubble-shooter/
Alexander Hunt
Preferably a game engine but you can piece together individual libraries. If you want to write web games you learn JavaScript and use some JavaScript libraries. Personally I would recommend the unity game engine and c# language since you export your game to several different platforms including the web. You can also make games using JavaScript for desktop as well but the performance will be significantly inferior. But at the end of the day it depends on what language you like and what you intend to make
It might be slower but this might not matter to you. If your dream is make some DOOM, Call of duty quality level game I would not recommend JavaScript
Simon Schmid
Hi, I'm happy to announce that Entitas is on Sale on the Unity Asset Store

Entitas is on Sale http://u3d.as/NuJ

This message was deleted
Nelson Correia

Hi guys, I'm picking up an old Entitas project that has some custom code generators and trying to make it generate on the command line so we're not tied to doing it inside Unity. After tweaking Jenny.properties to make it work with Roslyn, when I add our custom generator I get a few errors like this:

Parent class failed to load, due to: Generic Type Definition failed to init, due to: Error getting the interfaces of 
OtterShared.Entitas.Extensions.AbstractConfigComponent`1[T] due to Error Loading class assembly:/Users/nelson/dev/
otter/otter-client/OtterClient/Library/ScriptAssemblies/OtterShared.dll type:IConfigComponent'1 member:(null) 
type:AbstractConfigComponent'1 member:(null) assembly:/Users/nelson/dev/otter/otter-client/OtterClient/Library/
ScriptAssemblies/OtterShared.dll type:AbstractConfigComponent'1 member:(null)

I'm guessing that we need to do some changes to make the generator work with Roslyn, but couldn't find any documentation about it. Can anyone point me to the right docs or give some pointers in the right direction, as at the moment I'm a bit lost. Thanks!

Alexander Hunt
It’s been a while since I used entitas but to my knowledge only data providers would access Roslyn. Code generator part doesn’t care where the data came from or how you got it
Also, not sure how many still visit gitter entitas but more are active on discord these days https://discord.gg/PD7VfT5
Nelson Correia
Thanks Alexander, I'll try there
btw, I meant data provider and not code generator. Can't edit the message anymore
Nikolay Plekhanov
I'm started to discover ECS by creating my new project in Unity and I wonder if there is any support of Unity hot-reloading feature
@kkolyan i can assist you for Unity hot-reloading feature.
Hello everyone! How am I supposed to change code generation for components marked with [Unique] attribute?
Hi, I just come back to a new game project since I've used Entitas in 2018.
Is Entitas still safe to use today? Not sure if the project still maintain.
David Hackbarth
I guess it is still safe. No errors so far with actual version of unity. But you should join the discord. Here is not so much support anymore.
Abbas Tewfiq
Hi! I am new
Asad Awan
Alexander Hunt
Hello, we’ve all practically moved to discord and are more active there https://discord.gg/DFy7uV6K44
Does Entitas work with Mirror Networking?
I've been away from Unity for ~4 years. Is Entitas still of benefit with Unity 2020? Has Unity improved their own ECS implementation? Sorry, for asking, but I figured a Yes/No could save me from scouring and understanding the update documentation.
Ah, ignore the above. I see the mention of a discord :)
Hello everybody,
I made a simple game, I joined this group with the hope anyone like my game and rates 5 stars for my game. Thank you so much.
If I doing something wrong, please ignore it. Thanks
Hello everyone! I want to know witch attribute can let fields don‘t generate in function “addxxxxcomponent”
please help me ,thanks
ok,i could't find such a attribute,i made a new attribute in source code
Artem Hetman
Hey everyone. I'm making a task queue for units. The tasks should be added and activated in strict order. Normally, I would create a task as a separate entity and connect it to the unit, but I don't know how to track task order. Please suggest?
Alexander Hunt
Hi, this service is no longer being used. Please join our discord https://discord.gg/d9a9Hamw
Hi,guys, i'm very new to Entitas.
Why can't I just change the component value directly , instead create a new component to replace old one.why is that?
Alexander Hunt
@superhaoc This service is no longer used. Please join our discord https://discord.gg/PD7VfT5 thank you
@T2RKUS ok
I cannot open Jenny
Even open a new project,it still returns the same error
Alexander Hunt
@FutureOrigin we don’t use this service anymore, please join our discord, thank you. https://discord.gg/PD7VfT5
Boris Proshin
How can i enable colorful inspector for entities?