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    Second thing I wanted to ask are y'all going to take part in the Crew Dragon launch this Saturday Evening
    @CAM-Gerlach :wave: I think this might be a good question for you
    How much are tickets to watch rocket from a boat?
    sam sammy
    Anybody monitoring?
    1 reply
    Daniela Larsen
    And when do we meet for the pre launch launchpad tour?
    2 replies
    Greg Melencio
    For the "Private boat tour" for how many people does that allow boarding? I will be taking my 3 boys with me (10yo, 7yo, and 2yo) - How many tickets would I need to purchase?
    2 replies
    Hi! Are the "Pre-Launch Tour tickets" good for the rocket launch viewing too?
    1 reply
    Hello, with the delay to Friday morning launch, is the pre-launch tour also moved ahead to Thursday night? If so, do the timings stay the same?
    1 reply
    CAM Gerlach

    @/all Hey everyone! For those who are booked for the Star Fleet mission to see the SpaceX NASA Crew-2 astronaut launch, due to weather conditions downrange, the flight has been DELAYED one day to 5:49 AM EDT on Friday, April 23. Everything looks excellent for launch on Friday, we were able to rebook the boats and your tickets are still fully valid for that day as per our policy, but the times are now 20-30 minutes earlier to account for the new launch time: Checkin 3:45 AM | Boarding 4:30 AM | Departure 4:50 AM

    Tours are still on for this evening as scheduled, as the rocket and capsule remains vertical on the pad, and the weather will still be great here. Importantly, however, due to the expansion from one boat and 15 people to almost a dozen boats and 60 people by popular demand, we have moved the tour checkin times 30 minutes earlier as well to ensure everyone has enough time to get on board: Checkin 5:00 PM | Boarding 5:30 PM | Departure 6:00 PM

    If you aren't able to go out with us, you can have your tickets transferred to a pre-launch tour (if you haven't already purchased one) so you can still see the rocket and capsule up close on the launch pad; we are happy to give you a full refund of your tickets. Either way, please let us know no later than 12 noon EDT Thursday, April 22 so we can ensure you're taken care of. Thanks, and looking forward to still hopefully seeing all of you there!

    Hey, I'll be planning on coming if we are still green around 1 PM EST.
    1 reply
    Hi, so Playlinda Beach is closed until after the launch is over because of a potential chemical risk. Will the star fleet boat tours still be getting as close as usual despite the chemical risk?
    Playlinda will not be opening at the usual 6am time. I called Kennedy Center asked if people will still be at the paid viewing spots and they said yes because there is the staff and facilities there if needed
    I'm wondering the star fleet boats have to back off. Ive never seen a launch before and in thinking of going with star fleet for optimally viewing. Birthday is tomorrow lol
    CAM Gerlach
    Hey @pluto8_twitter , happy early birthday! Thanks for asking. Playalinda is located north of the trajectory and is closer to where the capsule (with its toxic hypergolic thrusters) would come down if there was an abort, hence the concern; we're to the south of the trajectory at a somewhat further distance and we've cleared our location with both the 45th space wing and the US Coast Guard, and we're well outside the hazard zones, safety areas and security perimeters, so we won't need to move our boats any further. Let us know if you have any other questions or we can help any further, thanks!
    You already checked alll that out
    How close will the boat be km?
    Ya great reply thanks
    CAM Gerlach
    Hey @pluto8_twitter Its quite a bit further away than Plyalalinda (and at least Feel the Heat at KSCVC, which is sold out), at roughly 19 km, but is still closer and has a much clearer view of both launch and the landing burn on the horizon (clouds permitting) than the other public options that will be open at that time.
    We still looking good to do this thang?
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    Lol 19km put for 75 bucks. Screw that. Theres a bridge 11 miles out.
    3 replies
    19km out**
    Starfleet website said 8km didnt it?
    4 replies
    Well bridge not be available?
    3 replies
    Thanks for setting that up guys. It was great!
    Joel Stiles
    Are there launch watching from boat available for june 3 launch?
    jason scibor
    Same question as above
    Will there be launch watching available for the June 20th launch?
    Keith Harp
    Will there be launch viewing for the June 25th launch?
    Terry Cox
    My wife and I have booked a trip to the space coast Sep 29 thru Oct 5 of this year. There are a number of tentative SpaceX launches in that period- USSF-44, SARah 1, and Turksat 5B. Will you be booking boat tours for any of these (especially the Falcon Heavy launch?) If so, when will the bookings be open?
    Hi I would like to book last minute charter please. Who should I talk to? Sent messages on twitter also.
    Are there any tickets left? The booking area says 0
    Gregory Hancock
    How do I book a tour for 1/12/22 launch and landing?
    claude cooke
    do you have availability for tonight's falcon 9 launch and recovery?
    Are you taking reservations for the 1/28 & 1/29 launches? We’d like to see both - 3 of us
    Any spots for launch may 1, 5 people
    This is Connie HANNON - looking for 2 spots on the boat for March 1st launch
    Do you still do the Friday draw before launches?
    Marcus Otterhem
    Hi, is there one place left of 1 mars atlas 5 ?
    Jim Johnson
    Any boats going out for the launch tomorrow?
    Yes Jim, hiw many in your party?
    Star✦Fleet Tours
    @Yukonandon_twitter, there are two spots available. Send us a message through our Twitter handle for more info.
    Any chance of getting on a sunset tour of the pads on Wednesday 13th next week? Looks like Artemis is going to be there a few extra days.
    or a sunrise is fine too
    John Wienclaw
    Hello. Are you offering any viewings for the 21 Apr morning launch?
    Jordi Muñoz
    Any room for 5 adults this April 27th?
    Hello @Jrdmnz_twitter, Yes we have room. Will you be able to attend the launch scheduled for 3:52 AM? Can you contact me via our twitter account or facebook?
    chuck cooper
    I’m wondering when tickets will be available for Falcon Heavy launch of the Psyche mission
    Eric Van Beek
    Same here for the Falcon Heavy on 8/1 (https://nextspaceflight.com/launches/?search=SpaceX). Is a boat going to be the best vantage point for both launch and landing?