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Repo info
    maybe it'll help you
    Hi. How can I setup a existing angular app
    using bower_component
    Any help please????
    is anybody there plz?
    Martin Valentino
    what do you mean??
    Henzard Kruger
    How can I implement laravel into this
    i am getting following error error Windows_NT 6.1.7601
    error argv "C:\Program Files\nodejs\node.exe" "C:\Program Files\nodejs\node_modules\npm\bin\npm-cli.js" "install"
    error node v4.1.1
    error npm v2.14.4
    error code ELIFECYCLE
    error sb-admin@0.0.0 postinstall: bower install
    error Exit status 1
    error Failed at the sb-admin@0.0.0 postinstall script 'bower install'.
    error This is most likely a problem with the sb-admin package,
    error not with npm itself.
    error Tell the author that this fails on your system:
    error bower install
    error You can get their info via:
    error npm owner ls sb-admin
    error There is likely additional logging output above.
    Gerardo Junior
    has some version adminlte?
    Sanket Sahu
    @LearnerVikasMehta I installed it again, it works fine. Can you test it on a Linux system?
    Alejandro Barreiro
    @sanketsahusoft when I try to install a third-party library like ngToast I get a $injector:modulerr error
    not sure what is happening
    All I did: bower install ngtoast --production
    and include 'ngToast' as a dependency in the module
    Alejandro Barreiro
    I think that for some reason grunt serve is not loading all the my bower dependencies
    Naren K S
    hi, I am just seeing a white screen. seems the dependencies are not loading?
    hey I'm trying to give the active class of the menu another style
    does anyone know which css class I have to modify?
    nvm I already found it, it was hidden on the bottom in main.css instead of the regular sb-admin.css
    When I check the demo page, it does not have this error, but I'm pretty sure I have not changed the original package. Will try to see if I am getting the right/latest version
    @zsugiart dude, wtf?? did you even read the installation guide?
    Hi! Is there any documentation for this? I've been using this for a while bit I still don't know how do some things work...
    I'd like to know what dos 'name' means here:
    $ocLazyLoad.load({ name: 'sbAdminApp', files: ['scripts/controllers/GoogleChartController.js', 'scripts/controllers/comparativeController.js'] }),
    is it the name of the module?
    And sometimes, when adding new pages to he template, if I reload the page, sidebar suddenly disappears... any idea of why could this happen?
    Please, any help with this?
    Everything is totally explained there, I'm desperate!
    Sometimes, when changing views in the template, it gives the error that the controller it's undefined. It goes fine if I refresh the page. Is there any way toavoid this error? Like make the page wait until the controller is loaded or something...
    Is this still alive?
    How would yo do to keep data between states?
    sorry for the silly question, but after i've ran "bower" i got "node_modules" directory - huge dir, with tons of file. what's the deal with this? the app really uses it? (when)? i try to deploy my app to app-engine, and because the JAR becomes so huge, it fails... any ideas?
    Martin Valentino
    node_modules is what you got after you run npm install
    if you run bower it suppose to have bower_components folder
    hi guys i could not able to add frontend home.html from app.js it always goes to dashboard/home

    i have added in app.js to spadmin app.js file var cashflowHomeModuleapp = angular.module('cashflowHomeModuleApp', ['ui.router']);

    //--Module Configuration--------------------
    var configs = function ($urlRouterProvider, $stateProvider) {

            url: '',
            templateUrl: 'views/pages/home.html'
            url: '/contact',
            templateUrl: 'views/pages/contact.html'
            url: '/signin',
            templateUrl: 'views/pages/signin.html'
            url: '/signup',
            templateUrl: 'views/pages/signup.html'

    cashflowHomeModuleapp.config(['$urlRouterProvider', '$stateProvider',configs]);

    inside home.html i have added <html lang="en" np-app = "cashflowHomeModuleApp">
    Alessandro Aprile
    hi, someone tried t o add custom fonts to the template?
    can't set grubfile to get and serve a new fonts dir
    Roshan Patil
    Hi, I am new to angular js. I Just download file and run the template its run fine.I am just stuck with How to integrate Node js. I have to write node js webservice . Can you please help me out?
    Alessandro Aprile
    angular is a front end framework. you do not integrate node in it.
    eventually, you use nm as a devtool to setup your dev env
    or maybe use a node sever to serve the fontend app and your REST Api, mosty for mock
    Behzad Samadi
    Do you know of a stable Angular 2 SB Admin?
    hello,I have a issue in this theme.In My view ,header footer and sidebar not included.These parts are included in dashboard only.Please give me solution for this.