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Jun 2015
Justin Meyer
Jun 22 2015 18:18
@whitecolor > So I thougth it would be more effective in terms of caching as libs version/code are supposed to change less frequently then app init code.
perhaps it might be
it's possible we could make it so you can specify certain things to belong in a bundle
however, I'm not sure it this would really improve performance vs the normal multi-build
it might improve that one case
where you've changed something and people don't have to re-load jquery
but that might come at a cost of people having to load an extra script every time
meaning, I would sacrifice "empty" cache performance for "partial cache" performance
as I believe research shows that most cache's are empty
Chris Gomez
Jun 22 2015 19:07
How can I accomplish this with Steal path mapping? 'jquery-ui/*': 'bower_components/jquery.ui/*.(css|js)’?
I got it working if I hardcode the .js bit, but then I’m left hanging with the .css part.
Justin Meyer
Jun 22 2015 19:08
I think steal-can-example
shows this
Chris Gomez
Jun 22 2015 19:08
I’ll check it out.
paths: {
  'jquery-ui/*': 'bower_components/jquery.ui/*’
GET app://manhattan/bower_components/jquery.ui/ui/resizable net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND steal.js:2385
Potentially unhandled rejection [3] : app://manhattan/bower_components/jquery.ui/ui/resizable (WARNING: non-Error used)
Chris Gomez
Jun 22 2015 19:14
Unless I do *.js it can’t find the file.
Matthew Phillips
Jun 22 2015 19:17
you want a second path for the css
Chris Gomez
Jun 22 2015 19:23