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Jun 2015
Sami Pietilä
Jun 24 2015 06:43
@matthewp & @mehiel thanks. Yeah, I decided to do just that: import the css from inside our own module.
Aggelos Karalias
Jun 24 2015 08:26
@smiper and just now I got what you wanted. I thought you were using ES6 for your app but wanted to import another kind of module (eg. a jquery plugin with css dependency) which is the case I was describing.. I've never used "deps" targetting an ES6 module, I import them inline as well.. keep it up!
Justin Meyer
Jun 24 2015 18:48
@smiper the docs for it are here:
Which are linked to from
kinda non-obviously
oh, and it's at the bottom of the sidebar
course those docs suck
if you'd like to improve them:
edit that :-)
Matthew Phillips
Jun 24 2015 19:45
yeah that doc needs some love