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Aug 2015
Justin Meyer
Aug 06 2015 04:45
@whitecolor I have serious issues with that decision
so does James Burke
Aug 06 2015 10:41
@justinbmeyer what was the reason to change this for them? Do they want to comply with webpack or what?
Aug 06 2015 11:13
What I would like is to set some environment specific variables when I do a 'node build.js', What is the best practice for that?
I am getting really confused by all the environment specific settings, I can't find a good example.
Aug 06 2015 11:46
So basically have my browser know which env it is in (dev or prod)
Matthew Phillips
Aug 06 2015 13:04
@beno in 0.11.0 (which will be released with donejs) you can set an "envs" property for config specific to an environment
so you could do
"envs": { "production": { "map": { ... } } }
and that would apply only in production
But for now you can create a system-config.js file
and add it to your configDependencies
and do something like: if(System.env === "production") { exports.systemConfig = { map: { .. }
Aug 06 2015 13:18
Thanks a lot, I have been working on the solution you suggested. I guess I was expecting a more ready made bed. But good to see progress on this.
Matthew Phillips
Aug 06 2015 14:05
"envs" is available in 0.11.0-pre if you want to try it out
Aug 06 2015 14:45
Thanks I will. Another question: how can I 'force' a module to be included in the production build (specifically can/route/pushstate) even though I 'steal' it conditionally in my code? I don't want to use it in development.
Matthew Phillips
Aug 06 2015 14:46
you should go ahead and steal it
and then change the default
route bindings... one sec let me look at how to do this
can.route.defaultBinding = "hashchange";
conditionally set that in development
but still import can/route/pushstate
Aug 06 2015 14:50
aha! fantastic, thanks again
Aug 06 2015 23:43
hi @justinbmeyer we are using testee for our tests and currently we get following error
Error: No test started within the timeout of 300 seconds. 16:26:58 at null._onTimeout (/disk0/home/br/jenkins-data/workspace/console_ui_build/label/jenkins-precise64-2/node_modules/testee/lib/server/server.js:116:15) 16:26:58 at Timer.listOnTimeout [as ontimeout] (timers.js:112:15)
also on jenkins server where tests run i have following processes
br 11319 0.0 0.0 659428 10076 ? Sl 23:21 0:00 node /disk0/home/br/jenkins-data/workspace/console_ui_build/label/jenkins-precise64-2/node_modules/.bin/phantomjs /disk0/home/br/jenkins-data/workspace/console_ui_build/label/jenkins-precise64-2/node_modules/testee/node_modules/launchpad/lib/local/platform/../../../resources/phantom.js http://localhost:3996/public/brx/funcunit.html?__token=0lpia2 br 11323 3.7 1.2 1721916 191540 ? Sl 23:21 0:05 /disk0/home/br/jenkins-data/workspace/console_ui_build/label/jenkins-precise64-2/node_modules/phantomjs/lib/phantom/bin/phantomjs /disk0/home/br/jenkins-data/workspace/console_ui_build/label/jenkins-precise64-2/node_modules/testee/node_modules/launchpad/lib/local/platform/../../../resources/phantom.js http://localhost:3996/public/brx/funcunit.html?__token=0lpia2 br 14681 0.0 0.0 8104 928 pts/0 S+ 23:24 0:00 grep --color=auto phantomjs