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Aug 2015
Aug 14 2015 00:08
@daffl do you know if there is a generic way to pass phantomjs the default viewport via lauhchpad options,
trustee depends on launchpad, which hosts this fixed file
David Luecke
Aug 14 2015 00:16
@saireddy I don't think there is (we could add it though). What I'm confused about is why this worked in 0.0.8. I don't think that launch script changed since.
Either way, if you submit a PR to that sets the viewport in I'll merge it and make a new release.
Aug 14 2015 21:07
using canjs 2.3.0-pre.6 or later seems to break steal-tools live-reload... not sure which channel or repo to report this in... I think @loader is not mapped correctly
Justin Meyer
Aug 14 2015 21:08
@dylanrtt you're saying if you changed it to pre.5 it works?
are you on the latest steal / steal-tools?
cause our guide has been working with latest everything:
we've been testing it pretty much constantly
with a special focus on live-reload
cc @matthewp
Aug 14 2015 21:29
yes latest steal/steal-tools, canjs pre.5 works
André König
Aug 14 2015 21:30
Using babel as transpiler, but could not configure the stage for activating ES2016 decorators. Do you have a hint how to set the babelOptions through my package.json?
Justin Meyer
Aug 14 2015 21:38
@dylanrtt weird
Aug 14 2015 21:39
@justinbmeyer I re-updated everything to latest and now it works. Maybe pre.8 fixed it since pre.7 also did not work
Justin Meyer
Aug 14 2015 21:40
ok cool. Hopefully these pres are getting pretty stable
@dylanrtt if you want to book a flight next to Chicago Wed-Fri, we are doing a training on all of it for bitovi :-)
we're using it to hopefully harden our tech, and get a beta out the following week
Justin Meyer
Aug 14 2015 21:48
@dylanrtt wait ... are you in chicago?
Aug 14 2015 21:49
@justinbmeyer no I'm in seattle and I'm not really able to travel right now but thanks for the offer! :)
Matthew Phillips
Aug 14 2015 22:06
@dylanrtt sorry, that's my fault, I had to bump up the version of Steal that Can uses because it depends on a new feature added to Steal
I don't know what the "correct" thing to do in that scenario is
Breaking compatibility in prereleases is hard to avoid
I would probably recommend pinning to specific versions until the full release is done.
@akoenig We need to upgrade our version of Babel
That should land in 0.11.0