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Jan 2016
Gregg Roemhildt
Jan 28 2016 18:52
Hi Steal community, (Hopefully) quick question for you. I'm loading a steal app from a different directory, and it works in dev mode, but after changing the script tag to <script src="../../static_apps/myapp/node_modules/steal/steal.production.js" data-main="custom/myapp/"></script> steal tries to import node modules from the /static_apps/myapp/ folder. I've tried adding a data-base-url="../../static_apps/myapp/" but it doesn't seem to resolve the problem. I've been looking at this awhile, is anything obviously wrong here?
Matthew Phillips
Jan 28 2016 20:40
not obviously wrong but you might want to change your main
to be custom/myapp/myapp