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Dec 2016
Nico R.
Dec 07 2016 01:27
has anyone had trouble with the generated css file after doing a donejs deploy?
I’m working on it but it seems that if I add a custom template something weird happens and the browser won’t render things correctly. That or the generated css file has errors
Anyway I sort of fixed it by including comments at the beggining and end of this custom css but like this: /*! my comment */
with css file I mean /dist/bundles/my-app/index.css
Nico R.
Dec 07 2016 03:05
I just couldn’t replicate the error I had. I guess it had something to do with bootstrap, it was included in a plugin as well as the main app, I updated the plugin not to include bootstrap, probably that helped.
Paul Tichonczuk
Dec 07 2016 15:55
@phillipskevin ok. I've created a sample app that exhibits the bug I'm talking about. details in README
Kevin Phillips
Dec 07 2016 23:55
@tracer99 I probably won't have a chance to take a look at it until tomorrow. Too many meetings today.
what isn't loading correctly in your tests?
I'm not seeing moment