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Mar 2017
Mar 22 2017 11:37
@justinbmeyer @matthewp - Thanks guys, turns out I just needed to call steal.import on my entry module and everything came to life...!
Matthew Phillips
Mar 22 2017 12:57
Modules execute in a set. When you run steal it fetches everything it needs and executes it all in one shot.
So yes, requires do execute in order.
Was that the question? My interpretation was that you were asking if the steal bundle executes before the next script on the page.
In that case, it doesn't.
It executes asynchronously, so you can't count on the order of scripts.
Mar 22 2017 14:03
@matthewp Ive found that as long as my deps: [] are correctly configured, then although steal does pull the lot together, it executes them on order of their dependencies
Which is really cool
Its the global builds where I was originally having the issue. As most of my scripts were detected as global, in the built file, everything was wrapped in a define('...') and needed another nudge with steal.import to get things going