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Hey, i got a problem with my GLSL syntax highliter
it seems like it doesnt recognize .fsh files
There is a bit of a conflict between HLSL and GLSL files
I use the following convention :
.glsl, .frag, .vert, .fp, .vp, .geom files : GLSL syntax
.fx, .hlsl, .vsh, .psh files : HLSL syntax
Although, you can add this to your vscode settings.json to manually associate files with syntaxes:
"files.associations": {"*.fsh":"glsl"}
You can even specify it per project
Got a bit of a problem displaying images via shader toy for vscode
void main()
vec2 uv = (gl_FragCoord.xy / iResolution.xy);
uv.y += .05 sin(iGlobalTime + uv.x 10.);
uv.x += .05 sin(iGlobalTime + uv.y 10.);
vec4 color = texture2D(iChannel0, uv);
color = color * color;
gl_FragColor = color;
Sorry, you have the wrong room :smile:
Looks like a nice extension, though
Oh, damn
They don't have a room like this :(
Sorry for the disturbance, this extension is wonderawesome :D
You probably can log a issue on his GitHub project
Noah S-C
hey, hope you see this message sometime soon. i was asking if i would be able to work on a seperate fork of your plugin for a specific community. we have a lot of non-standard things in our shaders + shader parsing, hence i thought it would be a better idea to keep it seperate :) full attribution would naturally be given to you for the underlying base
Hey, what kind of non-standard thing do you have? Is it GLSL or HLSL related ?
Noah S-C
glsl, we have a lot of stuff that is parsed in various comments, drawbuffer formats, drawbuffers used as well as CPU-side constants being set via the shaders, as well as #includes
I don't do any syntax parsing on GLSL. It is planned, but haven't start working on it.
If you want to have a look at it, I don't mind you creating a fork. If it's open-source, I might have a look.
Noah S-C
most of the stuff i feel isnt used outside of our community, hence i felt like it wouldnt have a specific place in your general plugin
we have 7 drawbuffers to work with, and up to 10~ composite passes, and we define which drawbuffer to render into at each pass in a comment per file, and i was wanting to add warning functionality etc, stuff that isnt used elsewhere at all to my knowledge
things like that ^^
itll be open-source for sure
Matthew Nichols
Anyone here?
Noah S-C