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Mar 2015
Mar 31 2015 11:47
it would be possible to propose dll VC11 too, since there are currently no to dll available and PHP executable file VC12. thank you in advance.
PHP Warning: PHP Startup: winbinder: Unable to initialize module
Module compiled with build ID=API20131226,TS,VC12
PHP compiled with build ID=API20131226,TS,VC11
Mar 31 2015 12:06
I managed to patch it with a hex editor I know there is not much difference between VC11 and VC12, but his would be nice if it was officialy the VC11 : alt
his walk very well even with VC12 dll
Jared Allard
Mar 31 2015 14:00
I'd recommend you don't do that, they're compiled for completely different runtimes. Unfortunately I don't really have a Windows machine setup right now, and my build server hasn't been setup yet.