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    congrats guys
    La levée de fonds de 7 millions d’euros mi-2017 par la start-up Stratumn auprès d’acteurs de la finance (Open CNP, Otium, Nasdaq, Digital Currency Group) est un parfait exemple des apports mutuels de ces deux types d’acteurs: plus que de l’investissement, c’est l’occasion pour ces entreprises de sceller un partenariat stratégique avec cette FinTech.
    Sebastien Couture
    Thanks @SalomonOli_twitter
    I wanted to ask if you are building your project using cosmos/tendermint, because I have seen your fork on git and wondered because I am managing a list of such projects
    so I could include you if that's the case
    Alexandre Thibault
    Hello @asmodat ,we build our application using tendermint or fabric. The fork exists only for proposing fixes or enhancements to the tendermint team
    so you didn't decided yet ?
    Hello i try using indigo core to build proof of process blockchain. i try to make a network with my indigo nodes but i can't . i don't find documentation about create nodes network with indigo. can you please help me?
    Alexandre Thibault
    Hi @gdansou, have you visited our documentation website on https://indigocore.org/ ?
    There is a page explaining how to install indigo core and some tutorials to show how to use proof of process
    Hello @alexppxela thanks for your answer. Yes i visited your website. but tutorial is about how to create one indigo node and run it locally. what i want to do is to create two indigo nodes on different machine with aims to build indigo decentralized network.
    Alexandre Thibault
    You can launch strat generate your_cluster_name and choose "An Indigo Tendermint cluster". It will generate a good configuration for your cluster.
    thanks! i will try it. i assume it is available for indigo v0.3.0?
    Alexandre Thibault
    Instead of lauching cluster with docker, you can copy one tmapp configuration directory per server
    yes, it works for v0.3.0
    you'll have to connect your tendermint nodes using generated scripts/dial.sh (you will have to modify it to use your good hostname/ip)
    many thanks @alexppxela
    i got this error when i try to create my process. i haven't got this error with v0.2.0
    panic: Panicked on a Sanity Check: Could not create directory /tendermint/config. mkdir /tendermint/config: permission denied
    even if i used sudo right
    any idea?
    Bastien Teinturier
    Hey @gdansou I hit the same error as you did recently. We discussed this extensively with the Tendermint team because it's an issue with their tendermint docker image. They are planning on fixing it but they haven't patched their docker images yet.
    Their recommendation in the meantime was to build your own docker image of Tendermint and use that. I'll get you the link to the dockerfile to do that.
    If you use that Dockerfile and make it download and run Tendermint 0.18.0 executable, you should be able to create your own Tendermint image that would work correctly on Linux. It's obviously a temporary solution but it should unblock you. The Tendermint team said they would re-publish their Docker images with the fix when it's ready, but since they're working hard on getting their v1.0.0 ASAP the long term fix will probably be to wait for that.
    Once Tendermint releases their 1.0.0 we'll release a new version of IndigoCore that uses it.
    Bastien Teinturier
    If you want more details about the issue see here: tendermint/tendermint#1398
    Hey Bastien. thx a lot for your answer. i will try your temporary solution
    so can't build indigo network with v0.2.0. do you confirm it?
    Bastien Teinturier
    You could use v0.2.0 if you're just experimenting (it's depending on an older version of Tendermint so really not suitable for production).
    When you do strat generate and choose the cluster mode, you can then change the version in the files to use 0.2.0 instead of 0.3.0
    And it should work (maybe the dial script would need some rework to work with the old tendermint version)

    Hello @t-bast! sorry to disturb you again.
    i tried your solution to fix tendermint 0.18.0 issue but i got that error message when i tried to create indigo process.

    docker: Error response from daemon: OCI runtime create failed: container_linux.go:348: starting container process caused "exec: \"/usr/bin/tendermint\": permission denied": unknown.

    This is what i done:

    1- get tendermint docker repository here : https://github.com/tendermint/tendermint/tree/master/DOCKER
    2- get tendermint 0.18.0 binary here https://github.com/tendermint/tendermint/releases/download/v0.18.0-autodraft/tendermint_0.18.0_linux_amd64.zip and copied at root of DOCKER repository
    3- at root of DOCKER repository run this command sudo docker build -t tendermint . and this sudo docker tag tendermint tendermint/tendermint:0.18.0
    4- run this command sudo docker image ls to check if i have correctly created tendermint 0.18.0 image. I got this output

    tendermint latest 5144420b518a 32 minutes ago 38.9MB
    tendermint/tendermint 0.18.0 5144420b518a 32 minutes ago 38.9MB
    alpine 3.7 3fd9065eaf02 4 months ago 4.15MB

    But after when i tried to create my indigo process i got error below.

    Can you tell me what i done wrong ? Sorry i'm not docker expert :(

    Bastien Teinturier
    Hi gdansou, here are the detailed steps on how to make it work until Tendermint releases a 1.0.0:
    1) Clone the tendermint repo.
    2) Go to DOCKER/Dockerfile and replace it with this: https://gist.github.com/t-bast/978efe9100cfb8d52efc059d93
    3) In the DOCKER directory run: docker build -t "tendermint/tendermint" -t "tendermint/tendermint:0.18.0" .
    4) Now you can generate your project with strat generate and it should work
    Note that I'm having an issue on my machine with docker compose not being able to configure connectivity, but it looks like it's a docker compose issue and some people are complaining on their github - hopefully you won't have that problem with your version of docker
    Many thanks @t-bast for your help ! but i can't access to your github file. can you give me the rights?
    Bastien Teinturier
    Sorry, that's strange it's supposed to be a public gist but
    indeed the link doesn't work
    Here is the content of the file:

    FROM alpine:3.7

    Tendermint will be looking for genesis file in /tendermint (unless you change

    genesis_file in config.toml). You can put your config.toml and private

    validator file into /tendermint.


    The /tendermint/data dir is used by tendermint to store state.

    ENV DATA_ROOT /tendermint

    Set user right away for determinism

    RUN addgroup tmuser && \
    adduser -S -G tmuser tmuser

    Create directory for persistence and give our user ownership

    RUN mkdir -p $DATA_ROOT && \
    chown -R tmuser:tmuser $DATA_ROOT

    jq and curl used for extracting pub_key from private validator while

    deploying tendermint with Kubernetes. It is nice to have bash so the users

    could execute bash commands.

    RUN apk add --no-cache bash curl jq

    RUN apk add --no-cache openssl && \
    wget https://github.com/tendermint/tendermint/releases/download/v0.18.0/tendermint_0.18.0_linux_amd64.zip && \
    unzip -d /bin tendermint_0.18.0_linux_amd64.zip && \
    apk del openssl && \
    rm -f tendermint_0.18.0_linux_amd64.zip

    Expose the data directory as a volume since there's mutable state in there


    p2p port

    EXPOSE 46656

    rpc port

    EXPOSE 46657

    ENTRYPOINT ["tendermint"]

    CMD ["node", "--moniker=hostname"]

    Damn gitter interpreted the # as titles, everything in bold should be a comment :). Let me know if that works for you, otherwise I'll try to fix the gist tomorrow
    Bastien Teinturier
    I've re-tested the gist link and it should be working, it was probably a Github caching issue: https://gist.github.com/t-bast/978efe9100cf9437cfb8d52efc059d93