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Murtaza Bhurgri
Is there anybody?
need some help in codeigniter form_validation library
it doesn't show validation errors at all
in CodeIgniter 3.0.2
hi,all i am starting new project,would like to know Angular js+codeigniter is good combination to start?
what do you mean a good project to start ?
palash chandel
@gmbhurgri show me the code
problem might be, either you did not define rule properly typo error
or you did not echo to validation_errors() function
Hi! I am trying to move a CI site to new server and I see in a browser stuff like:
load->library('session'); $this->load->helper('html'); $this->load->helper('url'); $this->load->helper('form'); $this->load->helper('functions'); } function index(){ //$data['css'] = ""; //$data['js'] = "home.js"; $data['title'] = "Home"; /$this->db->select('ad_order'); $this->db->select('url'); $this->db->select('image'); $query = $this->db->get('ads'); $ads1 = $query->result_array(); $data["ads"] = $ads1; $data["ads1"] = $ads1; $images1 = array(); $images2 = array(); $images3 = array(); $images4 = array(); $images5 = array(); $images6 = array(); foreach ($ads1 as $row) { $i = $row["ad_order"]; //echo $i; $values = array(); $values["url"] = $row["url"]; $values["image"] = $row["image"]; switch($i){ case 1: array_push($images1, $values); break; case 2: array_push($images2, $values); break; case 3: array_push($images3, $values); break; case 4: array_push($images4, $values); break; case 5: array_push($images5, $values); break; case 6: array_push($images6, $values); break; } } $data["ads1"] = $images1; $data["ads2"] = $images2; $data["ads3"] = $images3; $data["ads4"] = $images4; $data["ads5"] = $images5; $data["ads6"] = $images6; $this->db->order_by('specialty'); $this->db->limit(9); $data["specialties"] = $this->db->get("specialty"); $sql = "SELECT r.company_name, f.id, f.recruiter_id, f.feature_order FROM featured_recruiter f LEFT JOIN recruiter r ON f.recruiter_id=r.id ORDER BY feature_order"; $data["featured_employers"] = $this->db->query($sql); $sql = "SELECT j.id, j.title FROM job j ORDER BY j.id DESC LIMIT 10"; $data["featured_jobs"] = $this->db->query($sql); //GET RECORDS OF STATES AND SPECIALTIES FOR FILTERS $data['states_search'] = $this->db->get('states'); $this->db->order_by("specialty"); $data['specialties_search'] = $this->db->get('specialty'); //$this->load->view('header_home.php', $data); //$this->load->view('home.php', $data); //$this->load->view('footer_home.php', $data); $data["obj_flash"] = "index"; $data["fbutton"] = 1; / include('commonload.php'); $this->load->view('bluewhite/header.php', $data); $this->load->view('bluewhite/home.php', $data); $this->load->view('bluewhite/sidebar.php', $data); $this->load->view('bluewhite/footer.php', $data); } }//END OF CLASS ?>
What is wrong?
hello everyone
Have got a problem with a project. Someone has already work on the project and am to give it a new skin which i have done but am having issue fetching the number of views from the server
once i click on a particular video, the rest of the video keep showing same views
can anyone help
hello @legobillyjoe in your code error $data["ads"] = $ads1; you have not to intialize the $ads and define so on linux server fire error so first add $ads.
Is there anybody available to help with CI issue?
Andrie Tri Laksono
Does anyone here have ever use weather library in codeigniter?
@mirogeezy i can
where codeigniters libraries list/pack can be founded?
need to know how to get response from paypal sandbox in codeginator can somebody help me
Awais Tariq
Need help in connecting php to mssql server
anybody done before? on macOS High Sierra
@legobillyjoe Clear cache and try it
@mirogeezy , I can help you
Any one looking for CI developer for their projects. Kindly connect with me..........
Swastik Roy

Hi guys,
I recently dockerized my codeigniter application, but the routes stopped working after this. My application is behind a reverse proxy(traefik). I think this might be a problem with the htaccess file or codeigniter config.

Did you anyone face such issue or could help ?

Swastik Roy
The issue is solved.
hi guys, my name is robert my web site is Codeigniter Help
this website is any type of error please check it.How To Send Email In Laravel 8 With SMTP Example

Simply laravel middleware filter all the HTTP requests in laravel based on projects. For example when the user is doing any request that time middleware check user is logged in or not and redirect accordingly. Any user is not logged in but he wants to access the dashboard or other things in projects that time middleware filter requests redirect to the user.

This example of active or inactive users access laravel 8 app or not. So, add this middleware with routes to restrict logged user to access routes, if he/she is inactive by admin. How To Use/Create Middleware Laravel 8 Example


I explained simply step by step laravel 8 Cron job scheduler. This tutorial will give you a simple example of how to create a Cron job in your project. This article goes into detail on how to make a Cron job at this time. So, let's follow a few steps to create an example of Cron job schedule laravel 8.

Any time Why we have to use Cron's job? and what is the benefit to use Cron jobs in your project and what is a Cron job and how to set up a Cron job in laravel 8?, If you have this question then I will explain why. Many times we need to send notifications or send emails automatically to users to update property or products. So this time, you can define Cron job scheduler syntax some basic logic for each day, hours, etc can run and send an email notification. We have covered Cron job scheduler syntax. Cron Job Scheduler | cron job syntax | How to setup cron job in laravel

Almost require to create an active inactive functionality in laravel. it might be required for user status, product status, category status, etc. we have always enabled or disabled, active and inactive, etc. you can do it this toggle status active inactive PHP example this time. Active Inactive Status Using Toggle Button/Slide laravel 8