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    T Z Pardi

    @drasko <<< how does Streembit does PUB/SUB >>> it's a bit complicated :-)

    The streembit-lib kadlib module manages the PUB/SUB

    From the UI standpoint the streembitui project at https://github.com/streembit/streembitui is the source. The particular file is https://github.com/streembit/streembitui/blob/master/assets/js/streembit/peercomm.js
    For instance the publish public key function is "module.publish_user". That tells the world and your contacts what is your public key.

    I suggest to run the SDK version of node-webkit and then push F12 to get the developer console and then you can debug the application. I will share my screen sometimes to explain the dev environment and we can go through on the project structure.

    Sorry Drasko for not noticing your message earlier, on time again.

    I am seeing problems with my go programs on CentOS like this: coreos/etcd-ca#22
    Drasko DRASKOVIC
    @zsoltpardi do you know about MaidSafe: https://maidsafe.net/
    Looks very interesting!
    Leonid Ledovskiy
    Hello. Please write when will be the release date Streembit 1.2?
    Peter Gervai
    page and code tells you it's been released, but the download offers 1.1 as 1.2.
    Jake Walker
    Hey. I listened to your talk at the Malvern Raspberry Pi Jam and quickly looked at your node library. Are you planning to add it to NPM?
    Marc Schwab
    @jake-walker Hey! We are working on an API and the nodejs package that implements the API will be added to NPM
    Jake Walker
    @mschwab56 awesome! I'll try it out when it does
    Matthew Cartwright
    @/all - We are in the process of updating Streembit for availability for Beta users to test and trial true P2P calls. With the new remote working adoption of most economies we are confident that there will become a steady demand for true decentralized secure communication. Please feel free to contact us here if you wish to participate or feedback.
    @HelloChrome @mschwab56 I have been looking at a use case for streembit and i would like to hear your opinions
    Network Node <- freelan tuntap <%> vpn-ws client <@> nym-client/infra <-> streembit client/infra -> User Internet Gateway
    Ipv4 global private lan traffic is forwarded via a tun-tap adapter providing ipv4 mesh autoconfiguration to a websocket encapsulator such as vpn-ws or libpnp
    the websocket traffic is sent to nym over a websocket and there encapsulated to sphynx which is then forwarded globally out to all other peers via streembit
    streembit would be the outermost layer within this network and necessary to provide true zero-correlation defense to all peers within the network
    nym would replace the cryptographic layer in essense and agument the network with resilience against timing and internal attacks
    and with complete immunity with impunity against sybil attacks, even where all peers within the innermost network are public
    public within the definition of able to accept traffic from one another as peers, not public as in reachable directly over the internet
    this implementation would require the addition of a pair of daemons that run on local nodes and on nym gateways which propogate and maintain peering lists
    as a dht or something like that
    choosing which "network" to join would be as simple as choosing which peering list to join- or create your own by joining one which doesnt exist
    this system would essentially replace TOR, VPNS, LANS, etc
    any and all services are providable via the innermost network layer as ordinary ipv4/ipv6 traffic
    Matthew Cartwright
    @parvele Thanks for your post, and your interest to use Streembit Network. Some of the functionality such as secure messaging, you can do directly on the Streembit network with our UI client already. So you might find that some of the proposed integration is duplicating what you can do on Streembit already. That said it is interesting, and we are also working on a Blockchain to run with the Streembit network, which might prove useful to the NYM community. - Aside from the technical implementation, what is the business use case opportunity to use Streembit with NYM?
    Well, nym is a mixnet. It provides traffic obfuscation services similar to that of tor, and it is a modern set of tools written in rust and golang that ideally approaches the mixnet problem. https://medium.com/nymtech/vpns-tor-i2p-how-does-nym-compare-8576824617b8
    it is not a routing infrastructure, and even if it can perfectly hide the identities of participants on the network, the nym infrastructure is still centralized in the form of gateways, directory servers, and mix nodes, which, although highly resistant to being compromised through internal attacks, are not resilient against attacks against the network. So an additional layer that provides peer discovery and routing for traffic is required, similar to how tor has a DHT and relay system.
    my interest in streembit is merely to carry UDP traffic between peers, where that traffic exclusively consists of sphynx traffic and streembit management traffic
    I don't see a specific business use case. I am not a business person. I am a private individual looking at developing a replacement for the internet which is resilient against hostile intruders and intercept. out of all the peer to peer systems currently being developed, streembit seems to most ideally fit the ecosystem niche of necessary backbone
    https://streembit.github.io/2020-05-12-Streembit_Use-cases-reviewed/ nym might also provide streembit's network with the necessary extra pieces of the puzzle if you will that round out streembit's defense in depth strategy
    I think nymtech and zovolt, which are both moving from alpha to beta availability, and both have delivered and have functioning the core of their systems, are at a unique crossroads. Each of them specializes in things that the other has not- zovolt has specialized in figuring out how to make the p2p model work. nym has worked on figuring out the latency-privacy-bandwidth and internal network integrity problems. And, if as a partnership, they collaboratively delivered their work as an integrated solution, clients would have the unique assurances associated with that partnership.
    Nymtech's aim is the next generation of privacy infrastructure. Streembit's work is is decentralized, secure, peer to peer networks. These are not orthogonal interests. Each team must eventually solve the problems being tackled by the other team in order to fully achieve their own goals.
    Matthew Cartwright
    @parvele Thanks for the links and also for the careful thought about how you could use Streembit network. I have read the links and watched video of NYM and they certainly have possible collaborative opportunity for Streembit. However the problems we see is that there is also quite a degree of overlap that could make it more difficult for them to be an effective partner for Zovolt. Their white paper indicates storing contact details on a blockchain, and that suggests potential problems in terms of privacy of users. Also we are working on our own Blockchain, which means we may potentially replace parts of the NYM solution. My guess is that they would rather develop their own Blockchain implementation? Maybe we see this from the wrong angle? I applaud your ambition to seek better internet solutions to support privacy. We are currently updating our UI and then we will be releasing a updated version of the Streembit P2P network. I'm also keen to explore ways with developers to encourage use of the Streembit network.
    Hi, I’m doing a search to be able to use streembit in an industrial network with the management of various sensors. I was trying to install it but I don’t find any working method to do this, also in the download section the various links to download are not accessible. How can I test this product?