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Repo info
    Aaron Burrow
    You guys have successfully gotten strikeout/mylar running?
    Why do we not need a tools/main.js ?
    Error: Cannot find module '/home/burrows/code/2mylar/tools/main.js'
    Aaron Burrow
    Namely, commit 445abe08. Why?
    Aaron Burrow
    If someone sees the above, and I'm gone, maybe send a note to burrows.labs@gmail.com
    hi all
    Aaron Burrow
    hey jamesdwilson
    did you figure your issue out?
    Aaron Burrow
    I did.
    Thanks though.
    Chris Hafey
    I am interested in using Meteor for a new platform project but we need to encrypt data at rest. It seems mylar can solve our problems but I need to know more about its current state. Is it stable, what is its future, who is using it, etc. Any info would be appreicated
    hey guys
    I would appreciate some insight into this, also, please.
    does anyone have a clear install guide?
    Hi guys! For now, I recommend using the excellent port of Mylar into a clear package structure by Gliese-Technology!
    Răzvan Ionescu
    @strikeout thank you for the link!
    @razvansky could you run the example with the introduced package?
    could any one run the example with that package? creating a project with the code of this repository example and using the Mylar platform package encounter with some rare errors and not working properly
    Răzvan Ionescu
    @fmehralian no practical example yet. Only theoretically I understand how it is supposed to work and understood the code. I'll be working on getting this running in end of the month hopefully.
    @strikeout the project that you linked has been abandoned
    Is this one stable?
    Raluca Ada Popa
    @channel @strikeout @LDubya @ionescu77 @fmehralian @jamesdwilson @chafey Hi all, I am Raluca, the lead author on the Mylar paper. I am looking for a Meteor developer with an interest in security. I am a professor at UC Berkeley and I am looking for this developer in the quality of graduate student or researcher or part-time/full-time developer. We're looking to create a new system that strives for even stronger security guarantees than Mylar, the next generation Mylar. Please let me know if you are interested or you know someone interested.
    Răzvan Ionescu
    @ralucaadapopa_twitter Hi Raluca, thank you for Mylar in the first place. I am sticking with python/django for now. I gave a try 1y ago to meteor, but for me it was yet too experimental (to many changes between meteor releases). maybe somebody here has more meteor experience. Albeit the topic meteor security would be of interest to me.
    anybody here?
    Aron van Ammers
    @YUFENGWANG yep :smile:
    @AronVanAmmers hello
    anybody use mylar now?
    I am do a research in mylar these days
    but I found it haven't been updated for almost two years
    I have followed instructions on the github repo , but I cannot make it
    appreciate for any reply, thx a lot.
    Hi all! I'm trying to use Mylar, but I can't really get it to work. I'm also a bit confused, which version I should use. Is the strikeout/mylar project the most recent one or this one: https://github.com/fractal-code/mylar ? I've added the mylar package with the command "meteor add mylar:platform" to a test project and followed the instructions, while also looking into what has been done in the example Chatroom Project. However, when I try to perform any kind of action on one of my collections (besides users, which was added by meteor and modified by mylar) I get the error: TypeError: LocalCollection._idParse is not a function. Has anybody else encountered this problem?
    this project hasn't been update for a long time
    so it's not ready for production yet
    there are lots of bugs
    you have to fix it by yourself
    or stop using it
    the official version is http://css.csail.mit.edu/mylar/
    while the strikeout/mylar is with meteor version 1.1, not compatiable with recent meteor versions
    hi everyone!
    which is the latest version of mylar? i want to use for a project
    thanks to everyone
    I want to encrypt data at rest, so I appreciate any response about this topic
    maybe there is another system to do it, but I've only found mylar
    so if anyone knows about other system, i appreciate to tell me