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    Pulkit Singhal
    @aquid i wouldn't be able to tell you definitively without running the loopback test suite but I'm excited to see all your work!
    Drew Anderson CMW
    Hi All - first time here
    Daniel Prado
    Hello! quick question, do any of you happen to have a good example or good documentation about the “Application” built-in model in LB? I can find some bits and pieces here and there but nothing concrete on what the capabilities and limitations of the model are
    for now, I’m just using the codebase to guide myself https://github.com/strongloop/loopback/blob/master/common/models/application.js
    hi guys, i need to send a data to two databases / data source. Is this possible? and also run migration in both the databases? My datasource type is mysql
    'lb' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.
    can anyone help me
    Can anyone show me setup / config for model relations and how I can create a model and its relations in one call?
    Posted a query on stackoverflow with my current config https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52090245/loopback-insert-model-and-its-relational-data
    Hello eveyone,
    Anyone can help me to understand Loopback Application Model. How can I utilize this model. I am going to develop an application in which as main server api which will authenticate a client api which uses by client dashboard.
    The documentation of Application Model available on loopback/docs are not enough for a beginner.
    Kevin Loh
    Hi all,
    There are probably quite a number of people asked this before,
    but is it possible to do Event Sourcing/CQRS with loopback?
    Scott Brady
    I'm curious if there's a roadmap/release plan for strong-cluster-control. In particular I'm wondering if there's an ETA to address this vulnerability strongloop/strong-cluster-control#67
    Scott Brady

    Until this is resolved anyone with strong-cluster-control installed will get this report when running npm audit:

    Low Prototype Pollution

    Package lodash

    Patched in >=4.17.5

    Dependency of strong-supervisor

    Path strong-supervisor > strong-cluster-control > lodash

    More info https://nodesecurity.io/advisories/577

    Younes Keraressi
    Hello is there a way to emit a event inside a method once from the server when its done, example: 2 users got same value, once one of them update that value the new value is sent directly to all connected users, is there a way to hook into that (from server) in loopback?
    @osamasaeed saha ossam whats your problem exactly?
    Younes Keraressi
    @marwan788 try slc loopback
    Younes Keraressi
    Hey, i couldnt figured out why this is perma 401 status when trying to get /users from User model?? even when i set an access token?
    Marioandre Pigorini
    Hello, anyone here know is loopback 4 provide a auth module predefine ?
    Nick Dunas
    @Mpigorini_gitlab I am wondering the same thing!
    Gershon Papi
    Hi guys I'm a bit confused, I want to use strongloop pm, which to my understanding is still supported, but all documentation mentions slc and the global strongloop package which are deprecated, can someone clarify?
    Paul Ehigie
    Good day, i like to know how to create an api route that looks like this "/tv/{id}/season/{id}/episode"
    Good day, do someone know how to restart app after changes build:watch - recompile app but I need to restart npm start manually. How can I automate it? I use loopback 4
    Rahul Radhakrishnan
    @/all Created sample rest service-proxy using loopback 4.
    Muhammad Ali Shahzad
    @kosach it can be done using gulp + parallelshell
    configure your package.json like
    "dev": "parallelshell \"npm run build:watch\" \"gulp StartServer\"",
    and paste below code in gulpfile and you are good to go
    const { src, series, parallel } = require('gulp');
    const nodemon = require('gulp-nodemon');
    const logger = require('gulp-logger');
    function StartServer(cb) {
        script: './index.js',
        done: cb,
        watch: ['./dist', './index.js']
        .on('readable', function () {
    exports.StartServer = StartServer
    Alen Mo
    API connect not support lb4?
    How to lock a user to find someone in the userID
    Hi everyone I am using loopback 3,
    How to use upload image & update data at the same time
    Many Thanks
    the options [database] is not supported
    the options [connector] is not supported
    the options [provider] is not supported
    the options [debug] is not supported
    the options [url] is not supported
    i have build container and i am getting this warning
    i am litrerallyconfused what to do now ?
    Hi everyone, I have a question about change stream. Everyone who has ever done a change stream gives me an example of how to do this.
    Anyone else getting a 502 error accessing the docs: https://docs.strongloop.com/display/SLC ?
    @bwjohnson-ss no i can access it
    Can someone suggest an APM for loopback 4 ? We use new relic but doesnt seem to work.
    hello my loopback 4 authorization doesn't work
    i dont know why.any person can help me?

    Heya Folks, I'm using strong-soap server to host a web service that talks to a downstream rest api. The response I'm getting is not having correct tag name prefix for first element after soap:body,

    I believe the responsible code for this is

    if (descriptor.form === 'unqualified') {
            elementName = name;
            nameSpaceContextCreated = true;
          } else if (descriptor.qname) {
            nameSpaceContextCreated = true;
            // get the mapping for the namespace uri
            let mapping = nsContext.getPrefixMapping(descriptor.qname.nsURI);
            let newlyDeclared = false;
            // if namespace not declared, declare it
            if (mapping === null || mapping.declared === false) {
              newlyDeclared = true;
              mapping = declareNamespace(nsContext, null,
              descriptor.qname.prefix, descriptor.qname.nsURI);
            // add the element to a parent node
            let prefix = mapping ? mapping.prefix : descriptor.qname.prefix;
            elementName = prefix ? prefix + ':' + name : name;
            // if namespace is newly declared add the xmlns attribute
            if (newlyDeclared) {
              xmlns = prefix ? 'xmlns:' + prefix : 'xmlns';

    in this one, my elements descriptor has qname but its prefix is undefined, any ideas ?

    and the name space that comes out by default is ns1
    Ashwanth Madhav
    Sometimes there is no response from loopback. The call to API is not connecting.This occurring in both development and production mode.
    Hi everyone, i was having a problem while hosting loopback 4 code, i want to know how can i host loopback 4 code in GCP.
    Kiran Mathew Mohan
    Hey has anyone attempted to use loopback datasource juggler as an ORM outside a loopback project?

    Hi, I am trying to install strong-pm on an Amazon EC2 server. I get an error

    ../../nan/nan_maybe_43_inl.h:112:15: error: ‘class v8::Object’ has no member named ‘ForceSet’

    What am I doing wrong?

    Louis P. Morin
    Hi, I have an issue with strongloop
    It is running on a server and working fine, but i'd like to know which js file is started by the service

    Hi, we would love to use the StrongLoop Process Manager and its client. Most things do work without a problem. The web site states under "Deploy to remote host"

    You can also specify a .tgz file or Git branch as an argument.

    This would mean I can specify a .tgz file I previously built and specify it as a parameter to the slc call. That didn't work at all and I get an error in the log, see https://pastebin.com/5Tsu1D9a .


    I have data in monogdb look like this

    "value": {
    "EN": "Please write to us for Queries",
    "UR": "سوالات کے لئے ہم پر لکھ کریں"

    My model like

    type: "object",
    required: true,
    default: ""
    value: Object;

    And I am trying to get value of EN in filed

    "where": {
    "additionalProp1": {}
    "fields": {
    "_id": true,
    "language_id": true,
    "title": true,
    "code": true,
    "created_at": true,
    "updated_at": true,
    "status": true,
    "additionalProp1": {}
    "offset": 0,
    "limit": 100,
    "skip": 0,
    "order": [

    So how can Get value.EN in filed

    Help me guys
    Can Strongloop PM be used on Windows server successfully?
    Windows Server 2019 specifically