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Joey Connor

hi, i was working my way through the LB4 tutorial and got stuck when this error started getting thrown when running npm run build / npm run migrate

Migrating schemas (alter existing schema) Cannot migrate database schema Error: Cannot migrate models not attached to this datasource: TodoList Todo TodoListImage Note at /Users/~/~/code/~/api-test/node_modules/loopback-datasource-juggler/lib/datasource.js:1146:12

Tried reverting to earlier commits, destroying the db, etc but to no avail - any ideas?

debugging the connector inside lib/datasource seems to suggest it is finding the postgresql connector, but the models are not assigned to it
Joey Connor
previously it had worked, while using the same project so something has gone wrong along the way, subsequent to the original migrations being run
DB is postgres, running on docker, nothing fancy
Sam Yuan
Hi guys, I have two questions, 1) I had a model as {id:int, name:string} , which I hope generate create and get api in swagger like create accept {name:string} but what I get from swagger for create is {id:int, name:string}from module definition.
Dan Stockham
Anybody on right now?
Sri Swetha Kappagantula
Anybody available now?
Rifa Achrinza
Hi everyone, gentle reminder that Slack is the recommended platform for the community. A link can be found on https://loopback.io navbar. strongloop/loopback-next#5048 also documents this shift to Slack.
I know it's old question but i cant really find solution for my issue

var app = require('../../server/server');

it gives me undefined.

im using 3.x anyway.
Antonio Vargas
Hi all! Anybody here using loopback 3? How I can see what method of encryptation is used in the password encrypt?
Thinh Nguyen
Hi everyone, i have an issue with define model relation
i have 3 table
1: user (id, username)
2: role (id, rolename, roleKey)
3: user_role (userid, roleKey)
how to define a relation user has many roles thought user_role table?
i'm use loopback3
Thinh Nguyen
"roles": {
"type": "hasMany",
"model": "role",
"foreignKey": "userid",
"through": "user_role",
"keyThrough": "roleKey"
that's was not work now
Mohammad Hossein Mardani
hi, guys, I'm node js developer with over 5 years experience and now I'm looking for a development team to join them for work on startups, open-source projects, is anyone here to accept me :)
Chinh Le
hi guys, do you have any guide/tutorial to learn more about loopback? I'm just starting out and there are not many tutorials I can find online, and most of them is just using the cli to generate code, it doesn't help me to understand and use the framework, is there any tutorial that not only use the cli but actually write some new code? Thank you so much for your time!
Diana Lau
@dangchinh2501_gitlab, here is a YouTube video created by one of our maintainers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgBCRY169qg&feature=youtu.be. It explains pretty well about the framework.
Here is a list of tutorials: https://loopback.io/doc/en/lb4/Tutorials.html. Hope can help you started.
For further questions, please join our Slack community: https://join.slack.com/t/loopbackio/shared_invite/zt-8lbow73r-SKAKz61Vdao~_rGf91pcsw. Thanks!
C C Sreenidhin

Hi everyone,
I am working on creating dynamic models and repositories in lb4. I came across this issue:

'BookModel' refers to a value, but is being used as a type here. Did you mean 'typeof BookModel'. in
const DynamicRepositoryClass = defineCrudRepositoryClass<
BookModel, // issue is here
typeof BookModel.prototype.id,


But if typeof is used I get an error as follows:

Type 'DynamicModelCtor<typeof Entity, { id: number; title?: string | undefined; }>' does not satisfy the constraint 'Entity'.

I used the Model definitions as given in the documentation https://loopback.io/doc/en/lb4/Dynamic-models-repositories-controllers.html#defining-a-datasource
const bookDef = new ModelDefinition({
name: 'book',
properties: {
title: {
settings: {
idInjection: false,
mysql: {schema: 'test', table: 'BookStore'},

const BookModel = defineModelClass<typeof Entity, {id: number; title?: string}>(


Please help.

Eduardo Mazzucchelli
hi people,
can do this ??? and send email to one or two conector ??
Amin Azimi
hi , Can you help me , when i wanna to use lb4 discover it doesnt show any connetor?
Amin Azimi
nothing for lb4 discover?
Henrik Holst
How can I use json5 for the endpoints in LB?
Can I switch out the default JSON parser for JSON5 API somehow?
I could only find one single reference to JSON5.. by myself on a closed issue ;-) strongloop/loopback#4247
Hello world. In lb3 can we trap errors in a remote call in some middleware?
For e.g. consider there is a model. and we try to create a record via the http api POST /api/Customers with some irrelevant json data...
There would be some output on the console to this reflect this...
what middleware is responsible for that...? And how do I put my middleware before it?
Okay. never mind. I found the answer.
Mohammad Quadri
Is there any example for using Email Datasource for sending email in lb4
sumit shivaji sale
has any one implement mongodb audit log in lp4?
any one backing memory leak with lb4 update?
Hello Community
I posted a question related to an issue I am facing with postgres connector here: https://groups.google.com/g/loopbackjs/c/vY3ykgBgH3Q/m/MIb3Gqq3AAAJ. Can I assume the community is fairly active to get a response ? Just trying to figure this thing out asap.
Chinh Le
can anyone using loopback 3 can help me? I use the cli command "lb model" to create a new model for my app, after that, it affects significantly other file and some of the remote method of other models disappear
srinath talari
Hello Community,
Can we change the title of loopback/rest-explorer template index.html.ejs page ( currently it is LoopBack API Explorer)
please advice. Thanks in advance
Yongcheol Choi
Can I use template engine (like jade, pug, haml) for loopback 4?
Mohammad Quadri
What would be the best way to implement rabbit mq in loopback 4 or bull js
Chiranjeev Sharma
Is it possible to provide md5-sess encryption for creating Authorization digest header while processing a WSDL API method using strong-soap library ?
Library Ref: https://github.com/strongloop/strong-soap
Pawan Tejwani
Hi All
Can anyone please point me to working example of loopback 4 websockets with redis or any other cache ?
Thank you :)