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Repo info
    Jason McInerney
    looks like selenium webdriver has fixes for the issue above.
    Raja Soundaramourty
    How Do I
    Inject Cookies from a file into Howitzer
    Roman Parashchenko
    Howitzer v2.1.0 has been released
    Cucumber 3.0 support, Integration with Gmail, Mailtrap, Crossbrowsertesting and others. Please, see changelog for details
    Volodymyr BOBER
    (Y) @romikoops
    Alexey Bondarenko
    Hey, guys. Thank you for the product. I'm trying to create the step for page reloading. How to do this in right way? Can I access driver in the steps?
    FooPage.on { reload } # should work
    Alexey Bondarenko
    @romikoops yes, sure, it can work for the special page, but how can I reload a current page without specifying the page name?
    Roman Parashchenko

    Technically it could work:


    But, I can not imagine what for it is required, because it brakes design patterns which are applied in Howitzer

    Alexey Bondarenko
    The case is to make the cucumber step more generic. In our case, it doesn't matter what the page is current, if user reloads the page it has to be redirected to the special page (e.g. session is expired and you have to redirect use to login page).
    Alexey Bondarenko
    @romikoops can you recommend the plugins for code editors (e.g. atom) that can simplify creation test cases?
    Roman Parashchenko
    Howitzer v2.1.1 has been released. Mostly bug fixing.
    Please, see changelog for details
    Does Howitzer support Appium?
    Roman Parashchenko
    Hello, @jaishree-patidar Howitzer is based on Capybara. Appium is independent tool. So, I guess it does not support
    @romikoops I am able to create an Appium driver using Capybara (Appium_capybara). But when using Howitzer POM, I am getting error on instance creation [Error text:Method has not yet been implemented (Selenium::WebDriver::Error::UnknownError)] . Whereas, I am able to automate a script using SitePrism.
    Roman Parashchenko
    Got it, @jaishree-patidar please post an issue on GitHub. We will arrange it for implementation and include to next release
    Esther Hinrichsen
    hello, i started to use howitzer today and i tried to runing my tests using Zalenium, someone know where i need to configure?
    Roman Parashchenko
    Hello @esthinri
    I have created a new issue to support it properly
    I will push the issue with high priority to one of StrongQA engineers today
    Esther Hinrichsen
    thanks @romikoops
    i try to use page open here but return error:
    Given I open Atlas Quantum page # features/step_definitions/common_steps.rb:7
    wrong number of arguments (given 0, expected 1..3) (ArgumentError)
    ./features/step_definitions/common_steps.rb:8:in initialize' ./features/step_definitions/common_steps.rb:8:inopen'
    ./features/step_definitions/common_steps.rb:8:in "I open Atlas Quantum page"' features/example.feature:4:inGiven I open Atlas Quantum page'
    Hi, I am facing a problem while writing a test for a web app to run on an ipad. While running it using Howitzer framework on a browser on my mac machine, it doesn't cause any problem. But as soon as i switch to Appium driver i am able to launch browser on a ios simulator but as soon as i try to click a button on that page it shows an error Method has not yet been implemented (Selenium::WebDriver::Error::UnknownError)
    Roman Parashchenko
    @arpitsinghmrt Hello, thanks for your feedback. In order to investigate the issue, please post it on Github with full backtrace.
    Nikhil Jain
    @alexeybondarenko is there any plan for new version release for Howtizer gem with your support code added for appium.
    Hello there, is there a way i can get attribute list of element in Page object?
    Roman Parashchenko
    @hiten-soni-tech Please take a look at https://github.com/strongqa/howitzer/pull/264/files This feature should be being implemented, but probably has not be documented.
    Hello, I'm having a problem automating a form, I'm completing all the fields, but the continue button is not active, as long as I make the same response icon enabled.
    Lewis Nerenberg
    @romikoops I'm surprised howitzer does not seem to have parallel testing enabled by default. Is there a recommended way to implement this?
    Roman Parashchenko

    Finally after 2 years of silence a new version of Howitzer (v2.2.0) has been released.

    ==New Features==

    #293 add support ordering for run tests

    #276 Add support Capybara v3

    #280 Add support Firefox Headless

    #241 meta interface added. Allows tracking elements, sections, iframes on the page.

    #266 ruby 2.2 no longer supported

    #265 Add Appium driver


    #286 [Installation] generated rubocop.yml doesn't cover ruby sources

    #274 Stopped PhantomJS supporting

    #282 Multiple sessions don't work properly

    Please, see changelog for details

    Roman Parashchenko

    Hello, community! Over the weekend, our company released a new version of Howitzer (https://rubygems.org/gems/howitzer/versions/2.3.0).
    The purpose of this version is to update the existing functionality of the framework to support the latest versions of Ruby, as well as dependent libraries.

    Below is a more detailed changelog https://github.com/strongqa/howitzer/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md

    • Support Ruby 3.0 (minimum version is 2.6.8)
    • Unlock Activesupport 6.x
    • Support latest versions of Cucumber
    • Integrate rubocop-rspec linter
    • Use the latest version Rubocop
    • Stop capybara-webkit support
    • Stop poltergeist support
    • Stop Apium driver support
    • remove gmail gem from dependencies and add it only when it is really required
    • Migrate to new Travis CI domain
    • Replace abandoned Coveralls integration with Codecov codecov.io

    Selenium 4 support is planned for Howitzer v2.4.0 as it is still in testing (v4.0.0rc1).

    We are also starting work on planning a roadmap for the next major release of Howitzer3. The goal of this release is to revise the Howitzer2 architecture, analyze the existing problems and limitations, follow modern trends and attract the best developers to develop a new, more flexible architecture and its implementation with a new website, detailed documentation, training, video tutorials.

    We will keep you updated.

    StrongQA team