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Repo info
    Simon de Lang
    Glad to hear that you were able to fix it :thumbsup:
    Wilgert Velinga
    Stryker is reporting that some mutations have survived, but if I manually apply the same mutation my tests fail
    for instance this statement overlaps => (overlaps ? { overlaps } : null) is mutated to overlaps => undefined
    and according to the report this mutation survived
    but if I apply that change to my code 2 tests fail
    Screenshot 2019-08-01 at 09.16.57.png
    using @stryker/{core,html-reporter,karma-runner,typescript}@2.0.2
    Wilgert Velinga
    Screenshot 2019-08-01 at 10.46.36.png
    Stefano Magni

    Hi guys! A question: how can I get the Stryker badge and the dashboard work? What I've already done:

    • I've set the secure key in the .travis.yml
    • I've added a dedicated travis job (because I set the tracis to run coveralls I've added another job) for npm test (that does jest && npx stryker run)
    • the dashboard is in the Stryke conf
    • the dashboard for the project is obviously enabled
    • Stryker has ben launched by travis

    but the badge still does not work, what am I missing? Should I see something into the dashboard too?
    Thank you so much ❤️

    Hugo van Rijswijk
    You are sure the api key has been added as exactly STRYKER_DASHBOARD_API_KEY? The logging seems to suggest Stryker can't find the environment variable
    Stefano Magni
    Oh, I'm so sorry for the stupid question... I try to find out the reason why, I thought that running travis encrypt STRYKER_DASHBOARD_API_KEY=xxx --add was enough (and I have not read carefully the log file)
    Stefano Magni
    @hugo-vrijswijk now it works, thank you ❤️
    Hugo van Rijswijk
    Good to hear!
    Rita Eagleson
    This message is for Nico Jansen please reach out to RLE photography by contacting Rita either be email rleagleson@msn.com or call text 6024818709 regarding your upcoming event on Aug 30th
    Shaun S
    When running stryker is there an option you can pass to make it not delete the TMP files after a successful run?
    Is anybody else having issues where the test is hitting timeout every time? Currently using 2.0.2 which from reading solved the issue but all my results are timing out.
    Alexandros Spyropoulos

    In my team, we are trying to keep code quality history. This helps my team pushing back to product for changes that affect code quality.

    Is there any plugin in the wild for comparing historical mutation scores? I'd love to store mutation scores on every tag and make graphs.

    Hi, running my suite task ~2sec. when I run Stryker it takes for ever (15min or so) and I get the warning:
    14:25:06 (11902) WARN MutantTestMatcher No coverage result found, even though coverageAnalysis is "all". Assuming that all tests cover each mutant. This might have a big impact on the performance.
    I'm running a typescript project . here is my cong:
        mutator: "typescript",
        packageManager: "npm",
        reporters: ["html", "clear-text", "progress", "dashboard"],
        testRunner: "command",
        transpilers: ["typescript"],
        coverageAnalysis: "all",
        tsconfigFile: "tsconfig.json",
        mutate: ["lib/**/*.ts"]
    I also couldn't get a dashboard report - I do see the html clear-tect and progress.
    lin onetwo
    Hi, I'm trying to answer this question ( https://www.zhihu.com/question/38807323 ), and introducing Stryker-mutator to more people.
    Is there a page describing what paper is behind stryker-mutator? Or architecture diagram about how it actually works?
    Simon de Lang

    Hi @shaunswales The easiest way to do that is to kill the stryker process during the mutation testing. That way it won't be able to clean up the tmp folder

    @dance-cmdr Not that I'm aware of.

    @yonatanm_twitter If you're still having this issue, could you open a github issue with a demo project so we can test it? PS the dashboard is for https://dashboard.stryker-mutator.io/

    @linonetwo You can find some info in the internals here: https://github.com/stryker-mutator/stryker-handbook/tree/master/stryker/technical-reference#technical-reference

    If anyone is going to Angular Connect next week, send me a message on Twitter (https://twitter.com/_simondel) so we can meet up!
    @simondel - is there a way to exclude specific method calls to be mutated. for example logger.debug/info etc.
    Karan Thakkar
    @nicojs - Stryker execution is taking 76 hours! Not sure what is wrong in my configurations. This is my stryker configuration.
    module.exports = function (config) {
            mutate: [
            mutator: 'javascript',
            packageManager: 'npm',
            reporters: ['html', 'clear-text', 'progress'],
            testRunner: 'mocha',
            transpilers: [],
            testFramework: 'mocha',
            coverageAnalysis: 'all',
            mochaOptions: {
                // Optional mocha options
                spec: [
                exclude: [
    Hi anyone available?
    I got below error
    ERROR StrykerCli an error occurred TypeError: pattern.startsWith is not a function
    please help me to fix this
    Simon de Lang
    @karan258 How many mutants are generated and how long does one test run usually take?
    @KathiresanRamkumar95 Could you open an issue with a description of your problem? (Including your type of application, trace logging and your config file?)
    Karan Thakkar
    @simondel 50,000+ mutants are generated and it is taking 70-80 hours for execution. When I add a few more files. it is giving an error same like this issue. stryker-mutator/stryker#1284
    Aneesh B
    Aneesh B
    I have written unit tests which have almost 100% coverage, but when I run stryker, it says no mutants are killed which is impossible.
    When I tried commenting the same methods in the javascript, the tests fail.
    Ronen Lahat
    Hi, I'd like to write a mutator plugin for BrightScript, the language for Roku Channel development. Where should I start?
    Ran Stryker and its going take 6hr to run, this is sort of expected because our project is quite large, however I was wondering what is the recommended way to use Stryker when it takes this long, because using it as a quality for PR just won't work
    Simon de Lang
    @aneeshbhat1 could you open an issue on GitHub with an example of your code?
    @Ronenl_twitter you could take a look at how the JavaScript mutator works. That's the simplest one we have. It is also useful to play around with the AST explorer (website) to see how the structure of code works. Perhaps the AST explorer also supports your language
    @computamike you could run it nightly. Or perhaps use the last git commit to determine changed files and only mutate those (using a script, passing the files as a command line argument)
    Ronen Lahat
    @simondel great, I'll be looking at it as reference since it doesn't transpile code.
    For the test runner I have a challenge: since a roku app can only be executed by a roku device, the entire app needs to be uploaded to a device for each test executed via a network connection. Also the device doesn't write any files or respond via REST API, only through device logs accessed via telnet/netcat which needs to be processed by regex text tools.
    I'll write GitHub issues for them, thanks!
    Maarten Mulders
    Just out of curiosity, isn't there an emulator or something for Roku? It seems like a pretty complicated process otherwise...
    Ronen Lahat
    no emulator
    Ronen Lahat
    I opened the issue for a roku test-runner at stryker-mutator/stryker#1781