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Jan 2018
Stuart Yamartino
Jan 24 2018 16:31
@enargentinahora_twitter what about it does not work? When you go to the docs do the circles expand when you touch and hold? Is that broken or do you mean you can't give variable pressure and have it change?
It's likely force is not passed through to your browser on that device.
Viajar a Argentina
Jan 24 2018 18:41

@stuyam I have Debian Stretch installed in my Asus T102H. With Firefox 52.5.0 (64-bit) the circle (or the other features) aren't working at all. Not even the "div alert" when the device has not support on force/touch.

With Chromium 62.0.3202.89 (64b) the circle expands but here the message appears (Your device does not support force touch or 3d touch... back to the polyfill)

Pressure is working on the device, I've tested it with evemu-record and draw things on GIMP, the event is presented in linux as ABS_PRESSURE (with evemu-record) with a range of values and it's respective X,Y values.

Basically I want to know what is expecting pressurejs from my OS/Browser to detect the pressure capability.

@stuyam "It's likely force is not passed through to your browser on that device." Any advice? :) how I enable my navigator to deliver that data to the web app?