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Casey Ydenberg
Anyone? @ntwb I believe you are in Australia ... :wink:
Attila Egyed

hey folks, question: i am looking for something that enforces css selector namespacing/prefixing

is there a stylelint plugin provides this?

example: (ns- is the required namespace/prefix)

/* bad */
.some-selector { ... }
.ns-some-selector some-other-selector { ... }

/* good */
.ns-some-selector { ... }
.ns-some-selector ns-some-other-selector { ... }


Casey Ydenberg
Hi Attila I think you could use the builtin rule selector-class-pattern to do this.
Hi everyone.
I want to know just about the project in gsoc.

Anyone using 'stylelint-webpack-plugin' managed to successfully ignore patterns,

    "ignorePattern": [...]

My config's linting fine; atm, I just can't get it to ignore files (specifically, under my "/vendor/" path. or ANY path, for that matter)

@JaKXz am I correct in understanding 'stylelint-webpack-plugin' docs that
although configFile: is Default: (undefined), that an existing '.stylelintrc' will be found & used via cosmiconfig module ?
seems that .stylelintrc is used, but that ignorePattern: is, itself, ignored. BUT using .stylelintignore with .gitignore pattern types DOES work

My current stylelint config enables plugin/no-unsupported-browser-features, which is quite helpful.
It does generate hundreds of

Unexpected browser feature "<some feature>" is only partially supported by IE 10,11, Edge 15

Those browsers ARE included in my .browserslist. For this plugin, however, I don't care.
Is it possible to exclude checks for individual rules, for specific browsers?
I.e., I just want to turn off these warnings for IE 10,11, & Edge 15

Theodór Tómas
Has anyone here implemented a "create-react-app" along with "styled-components" and has successfully set up stylelint? I can´t seem to get it to work. Even though I am not getting any errors either.
Eric Eastwood
@TheodorTomas Putting stylelint in your PostCSS plugin stack should be sufficient. What errors are you getting? Can you put your code up somewhere public GitLab/GitHub and share it?
hello, any update on this issue: stylelint/stylelint#1973 ?
eslint cant find globally installed package
carmelo rossette
Hi everyone
I have some noob questions
John Vandenberg
Ask ;)
Timmy Huang
TGIF everyone! Quick question on adding a rule to disallow developers to use flex-grow, flex-shrink, etc. and to use grow directly, since grow intelligently sets other flex properties. How should I do that for my project? Thank you!
Jonathan Neal
Hello! I’m writing my first stylelint plugin. How might I access context.fix within stylelint.createPlugin? I don’t see an example, so I’m having trouble understanding https://stylelint.io/developer-guide/rules/#adding-autofixing
Jonathan Neal
I have pushed my draft plugin to GitHub, if that helps. https://github.com/jonathantneal/stylelint-logical-properties/blob/master/index.mjs
Abhinav verma
hey , i am trying to make an custom notice board for website frontend using js and i am not getting the code right can anyone help me in this....?
Renato Marinho
Hey guys, I'm GitScrum founder. I want to invite group members to get to know GitScrum. Site: https://site.gitscrum.com/
Ashish M Mahendra
Jonathan Neal
Hi, I am trying to insert a pic into my webpage via css,but It doesn't come up on the website
@Chrisdifonso try to remove the double quotation
Abdellah Ahmed
Jonathan Neal
I installed stylelint globally via NPM and have my .stylelintrc file setup for project. Do I still need the vs code stylelint plugin?
Jonathan Neal
If you want live reports, yes, I think you do.
The global install just means you can run it from the command line any time you want. The .stylelintrc file means either the vscode plugin or cli util will use that to determine which rules to warn.
@jonathantneal thnx

Hi please check the image and I want to keep the custom variables like that way, but itz show custom-property-empty-line-before error. Can you please set a rules. I don't need any empty line rule here.



"declaration-property-value-whitelist": {
"line-height": [

I am using the above rule which shows error when I am not using rem or em for line-height. I removed the rule still same error for line-height : 1;

There should be no error for line-height : 1; without unit. there is no rule in our docs

Jonathan Neal
I do not know.
Tommy Hodgins
Hello! I was hoping I could ask the right place/way to report CSS parsing bugs in StyleLint. I'm not too concerned if stylelint has a suggestion or a warning about what it finds, what I'm concerned about is StyleLint finding syntax errors in known-valid CSS syntax (which would prevent it from giving valid suggestions, since it doesn't know what it found)
Ali Ramazon
Hi there, if any body used stylelint with prettier for scss. Prettier adding semicolons to not all scss/css values. '
Ali Ramazon
Alexander Akait
can you provide example
Marc G.
Hello, how do you use a formatter using vue-cli-service lint:style (which internally use stylelint)?
it probably has to do with --options but I can't make it work
Marc G.
found the answer : --formatter name
it's not documented
Mattias Hällkvist
Can a plugin disable any rule?
I want a plugin that can rules if a line git commit is before a configured date. Is there such a plugin or do I have to build it? If so, can plugins do it and any tips for how to do it is welcome! :)
Jonathan Neal
Mattias, you want to know the most recent git date of any given line in a particular CSS rule? 👈 @emattias