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    Silvio Moioli
    Hello guys! I have just set up Gitter Chat for the sumaform project. Intention is to offer announcements, advice and support here. Enjoy!
    Dario Leidi
    Nice, veeeery nice!! Thanks
    Michele Bologna
    yeah! nice idea :)
    Pablo Suárez Hernández
    Woooho! Great :smile:
    Dario Maiocchi
    nnice thank you Silvio, i just thinking that this much more better then IRC!
    console uptime
    Matei Albu
    Frantisek Kobzik
    just trying if it works
    (it works)
    E Bischoff
    @MalloZup any idea about current 3.1 failures ?
    looks like ISE, I tried investigating but the server got restarted at worst moment
    E Bischoff
    @moio read your answer on bsc#1058858 - I have nothing to add, so I won't add anything :smile_cat:
    E Bischoff
    @dmaiocchi: Merge Spacewalk-testsuite into Spacewalk Repo - why not - an advantage is that we would use same branches in both projects - so no more matching "master" to "head" etc
    E Bischoff
    ok @moio just found a small problem in sumaform
    the clients get created like this:
    ebi3-controller:~ # ssh $CLIENT "cat /etc/hostname"
    it should read "ebi3-clisles12sp2.tf.local"
    otherwise "hostname -f" does not work:

    ssh $CLIENT "hostname -f"

    before reboot, but:
    ssh $client "hostname -f"
    hostname: Nom ou service inconnu
    after a reboot
    with the funny side effect that cucumber would stop working after that reboot with message
    ‎ no full qualified hostname for node (RuntimeError)
    i'll create an issue
    Silvio Moioli
    Dario Leidi
    latest sumaform version: if I don't set the "channels" variable in my main.tf, it shouldn't run by default "mgr-refresh" that fails in the state.highstate indeed. Maybe the logic here can be optimized https://github.com/moio/sumaform/blob/master/salt/suse_manager_server/initial_content.sls#L68 because the grain is always there, it's just empty. Before moving forward, am I missing something?