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Repo info
    Mahjoub Brahim
    Hey Guys,
    In Firefox browser, change link color not working.
    Qiang Cui
    How to update the html source code after modifying in the editor?
    David Ojeda
    Hello! Are there any plans on porting summernote to React.js?
    Hi guys, I have a question regarding copy and pasting in the editor, currently it always append font-size and line-height for the pasted content, is there a way to modify this? I only want the tags, not the styles
    Mike Duran
    @bebor i'm working on implementing summernote with aurelia too
    George Norris
    Hey guys.. anyone using the React-summernote w Browserify? For some reason it is not picking up jQuery and getting a jQuery is not defined..
    Mike Duran
    I started a demo project for aurelia using summernote editor at https://github.com/duranmg/demo-aurelia-summernote
    George Norris
    How do you import this library with ES6 import (or require)? Doesnt seem to work..
    Liam Hughes
    Hi, we're looking to implement Summernote into our application, however development seems to have stagnated a little? The grunt project doesn't seem to build due to missing files and a lot of issues seem to be going unanswered... cc: @hackerwins
    Hello~~Everyone~ Is anyone here know how to use summernote in vueJS ? :flushed:Why it just responses "$(...).summernote is not a function" .:disappointed_relieved:
    i am using summernot in meteor
    and i am follwing the steps of adding files in head of html
    but i get this js error
    summernote.js:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <
    any idea about how to solve this?
    Rubén Galvan
    Hey guys, any one know if there is a way to disable the tooltips from the editor?
    hi all, I'm new to summernote. is it working offline since I tried several times but still not working especially for note-toolbar...any help appreciated..thank you
    Jan Buchar
    Hi, is it possible to set up summernote so that it only contains a single list and doesn't let the user make a new paragraph outside of that list?
    @duranmg hi, any news on implementing summernote with aurelia ?
    Mike Duran
    @bebor I have a demo project at https://github.com/duranmg/demo-aurelia-summernote . Not sure how correct it is.
    Hello guys.
    Dose Anyone know how to add code snippet into my editor?
    Saiyaff Farouk
    Hi peeps. Late seasons greetings and Advance new year wishes. Happy new year from sri lanka
    I am trying to integrate summernote to angular 2 project which is using angular-cli with webpack
    how to solve the problem?
    i can't find the img
    hi any here?
    Hi guys can anyone help me about integrating summernote to semantic ui
    I dont want to use bootstrap due to conflict, searching for this issue but didnt succeed yet
    Hi guys, I want to add special character button option in Editor. anyone can help ?
    Dmitriy Strukov
    Hi guys. Somebody can review my pull request or merge it summernote/summernote#2195 ?
    Murat Sutunc
    how do i localize plugin buttons?
    i've tried some different combination of namespaces but nothing worked so far
    Cadu Ribeiro
    Hi guys
    I'm having an issue with summernote
    When I add a summernote Editor on my form, I can't submit it using the enter key even in another fields
    I think it is related to summernote/summernote#530
    Ajin Abraham


    Any way to add an event handler like onChange to Summernote's code view? I know we can add one to Editor view.

    hi guys is it some way to clean format for a pasted text form msword?
    Youngteac Hong
    @duduribeiro I'll check #530 this weekend.
    Youngteac Hong
    @jakobmillah Summernote dosn't have a feature cleaning contents from clipboard yet. For that feature, It would be great to start with a plugin handling paste event.
    Cadu Ribeiro
    Thanks so much @hackerwins
    Tried to start looking for the problem, but without success :P
    if you want to guide me on the possible issue, I can try to look it too @hackerwins
    how can I add a new hint field that simply replaces anything with # to output an anhor link to /tags/#something?