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Repo info
    i can't find the img
    hi any here?
    Hi guys can anyone help me about integrating summernote to semantic ui
    I dont want to use bootstrap due to conflict, searching for this issue but didnt succeed yet
    Hi guys, I want to add special character button option in Editor. anyone can help ?
    Dmitriy Strukov
    Hi guys. Somebody can review my pull request or merge it summernote/summernote#2195 ?
    Murat Sutunc
    how do i localize plugin buttons?
    i've tried some different combination of namespaces but nothing worked so far
    Cadu Ribeiro
    Hi guys
    I'm having an issue with summernote
    When I add a summernote Editor on my form, I can't submit it using the enter key even in another fields
    I think it is related to summernote/summernote#530
    Ajin Abraham


    Any way to add an event handler like onChange to Summernote's code view? I know we can add one to Editor view.

    hi guys is it some way to clean format for a pasted text form msword?
    Youngteac Hong
    @duduribeiro I'll check #530 this weekend.
    Youngteac Hong
    @jakobmillah Summernote dosn't have a feature cleaning contents from clipboard yet. For that feature, It would be great to start with a plugin handling paste event.
    Cadu Ribeiro
    Thanks so much @hackerwins
    Tried to start looking for the problem, but without success :P
    if you want to guide me on the possible issue, I can try to look it too @hackerwins
    how can I add a new hint field that simply replaces anything with # to output an anhor link to /tags/#something?
    or simply have anything written with the # tag be replaced with an anchor tag in real time
    i have issue with placeholder option..
    the placeholder text is getting disappeared only after few seconds of typing..not immediately
    Hi guys. I'm trying to build something with Summernote - basically a diary app. I can save an entry to the database, but it saves the html tags as well, so when I go back to that diary entry, it pulls the text containing html tags from my database. The entry then looks like "<p>Hello</p><p><br></p><p>How are you</p><p><br></p>". Does anyone have a suggestion for how I can solve this?
    Liam Hughes
    @mmnz, if you want to keep formatting and styles you have to save the HTML. If you are seeing the HTML tags on retrieval, the entry must be being HTML-encoded on the page. The solution would depend on how you are rendering the content on to the page.
    ローラ (laura)
    hi. i've a little probleme with summenote, when i make a table, all it's okay but when i want add a column the controller is'nt relative of td but relative a page. So if anyone have the solution it's realy with pleasure. sorry for my english i'm french. ;)
    Hi folks, I'm new to summernote and not a javascript pro. Is it possible to execute summernote automatically in fullscreen mode?
    Hi guys. I am using Summernote in IE11 and everything seems to work good except when I copy HTML content and paste it into the summernote. Numbering gets reordered for some reason and I get double spaces after everyline. This is working good in chrome and IE 10 though.
    Hi, I already have jquery and bootstrap in my project via nuget. When I installed summernote via Bower it also installed boostrap and jquery again in to the bower_components folder. Any way I can install summernote without these two dependencies? If not could I just delete these two folders after install?
    Alexandru Ionut Bujdei
    Hello everyone.
    What I wanted to do is have a basic editor where I can add Keywords by clicking on them from somewhere outside the editor.
    Saving the range of the editor on blur would cause Summernote to refocus and so the user would not be able to focus out.
    So I had to modify the code a little bit.
    I would create a github pull request with this, but unfortunately I do not work in JS and don't know how to build and test the project.
    If someone takes a look at the code and thinks it would be a good add to summernote feel free to add it to the code.
    Alexandru Ionut Bujdei
     * create range
     * did that test in order to preserve backwards compatibility
     * focusEditor true by default
     * @return {WrappedRange}
    this.createRange = function (focusEditor) {
      if(typeof focusEditor !== "boolean" || ( typeof focusEditor === "boolean" && focusEditor )){
      return range.create(editable);
     * restoreRange
     * load a previously saved range
    this.loadRange = function(customRange){
      if (customRange) {
        lastRange = customRange;
    Thank you.
    Youngteac Hong
    It is hard to check this chat room. If you have any questions please visit facebook user group.
    Hi, can someone help me how to add html text to summernote and make summernote render so those html tags will not be seen on the screen?
    Hi everybody, I'm grade to be here. I have some issues regarding to summernote, hope to get support from you. Thanks
    Hi @/all
    Can you please help me about image upload in node project?
    does anyone using summernote with Meteor?
    Having some issues using summernote in Meteor, toolbar tooltips are not aligned.