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Repo info
Nabobalis isnt that just sorting?
Nabobalis (we plan to do that via isort)
darthgera there are rules regarding namespaces as well
darthgera what is isort btw?
akram9 Why has spectra been moved?
Nabobalis isort is just a python module to auto sort imports
darthgera alphabetically?
Nabobalis ish
Nabobalis we haev custom rules for it in our setup.cfg file
darthgera oh nice
Nabobalis spectra was moved since its really old and "unmaintained" code that we hope to replace fully in the future
Nabobalis unlike lightcurve which timeseries replaced, we dont have a replacement for spectra
Nabobalis yet
akram9 I see...
Nabobalis it agot renamed to radiospectra
Nabobalis its just not really code being worked on
Nabobalis i did update the CI for it and fix some issues with it but otherwise, we plan to ship it as is until we replace it
akram9 So you plan to put something in the main repo in place of it?
Nabobalis maybe, we havent decided if we add it to core or if we do it ndcube style
Nabobalis tho ndcube will be merged in the future
Cadair unlikely
Cadair i think a dependancy is more likely
Nabobalis oh we just plan to fully depend on it
Nabobalis thats ok
Nabobalis so probably also depend on a new spectra package too
Cadair would probably move things around to make the dep chain one way rather than bidirectional
Cadair yeah, although that might end up being astropy core
Nabobalis either way
akram9 But why would core need to depend on a spectra package?
Nabobalis To avoid adding that code to core?
akram9 Yeah, that way it makes sense
Nabobalis Also if the package is generic enough, it doesn't belong in sunpy, we would just wrap it to make it more solar specific
akram9 okay so that way some other project could use it too?
Nabobalis yeah
Nabobalis like ndcube is in theory generic enough to not belong in sunpy
Nabobalis maybe Fido could be moved out
akram9 that's cool. I thought its uncool to disown stuff like this
Nabobalis disown?
Nabobalis i mean we wouldn't abandon them
akram9 No, I mean remove it from core, distance it a bit. That way
Nabobalis just remove the sunpy specific shine on them
akram9 yup I get it

vn-ki > just remove the sunpy specific shine on them

WOW! Nabobalis has been working on his punfu

Nabobalis I mean we could keep them as SunPy umbrella packages just not directly tied to SunPy
Nabobalis Thanks?
Nabobalis Thanks?
Cadair I will end you gitter bot
hitman23 (@yash23:matrix.org) * Cadair 0 : gitter bot 1
darthgera lets have a discord one as well xD