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Repo info
    hey guys
    i would like to suggest you to include sam pluta live modular instrument
    as part of supercollider quarks
    and even consider a pool like thing for the sake of the purpose
    i don't know if it's possible
    well, that's only a suggestion
    Rainer Schütz
    You want to contact Sam about this ;)
    Not sure what you mean by a pool. Maybe something like this?
    yes, i can contact sam about this
    i have teacher who i have a good relationship with that are pretty close not only to teachers of sam, but also to sam himself
    namely goal ryan and richard barrett who play with him and george lewis in evan parker electroacoustic ensemble
    sorry crappy keyboard
    when i say pool
    i says something like this
    and maybe the first step would be creating a set of manta instruments
    out of code that people already own themselves
    then secondly would be integrating those in supercollider
    and then making a mapping system that would work not only for manta
    but to any instrument, per se
    i will write to the sc-dev list right now
    Rainer Schütz
    good idea...
    hey @bagong
    i already wrote to sc-dev
    Chris Sattinger
    You can install a quark from any github repo without even being in the directory. But it's always nice to add things to the directory. Just edit and add it here: https://github.com/supercollider-quarks/quarks/blob/master/directory.txt