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May 2016
May 26 2016 13:08
hey guys. how are you doing?
i have been basically using supercollider for something like 2-4 years
Nathan Ho
May 26 2016 17:00
i'm alright. i've been using SC for about 4 years
hilariously I still have yet to write an actual SC composition that I like
May 26 2016 17:29
greetings guys
i am back
i am updating a rep
that contains stuff related to live electronics music and another things
it's basically a compilation of stuff
@snappizz it happens that schumman i think wrote a piece named death and transfiguration, which related to the idea of transcendent idealism
and the way as he as a composer was dealing with the issue of projecting ideas or concepts
that took time to materialise and turn into reality
so it's not a linear thing when you master a tool
that you will necessarily make good stuff out of it
music or coding is about three things to its manifestation: aesthetics, technique, and concepts
when the three things are ballanced
stuff that you make will come out of it
and sometimes it's only like a matter of time