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Jun 2016
Jun 05 2016 09:21
@scztt although porting the entire supercollider language to OpenCL or sycl would not probably be a possibility, unless you would think of a server/client architecture conceived and designed specifically for the hardware itself, there are a lot of applications such as Convolution Reverbs and FFT filters where gpgpu audio could make a difference, specially on higher resolution windows. i remember to have seen a reverb vst of a german company dating perhaps of 2010 or 2011, that works pretty well even on a gt8600 and sounds amazing. so i believe there's space for taking advantage of these things. i will show you something this is OpenCL and as you can see it runs and it is a beast of a thing
and from my point of sight this could be a really great deal to scale up the amount of complexity that you see in real time audio
sometimes only by using fft
Chris Sattinger
Jun 05 2016 14:21
We need to make SPU - Supercollider Processing Units optimized custom chips for supercollider ;) Like Google's TPU
Jun 05 2016 14:22
i absolutely agree
in fact i have been thinking about this kinds of things
of suddenly grabbing ASIC;FPGA;GPU;GPU;ETC
and making custom chips
in the exact same way like google did with SPU
and in the exact same way the bitcoin community did with their bitcoin mining devices
or tpu
the cool thing is that you can grab extremely powerful asics
and grabbing a similar approach to google tpu and bitcoin asic
to do supercollider processing units
and they don't have to necessarily be programmed for a specific task
you can grab the server client and using your computer as a interpreter
and the ASIC/FPGA/TPU as a client
or the opposite
the computer the client and the ASIC/FPGA/TPU as a server
Jun 05 2016 14:30
i added the idea here
Jun 05 2016 20:30
@telephon thanks for the precious insight. i will keep working on fixing this stuff
i mean the help files