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Feb 2017
Brian Heim
Feb 26 2017 19:58
i wrote a primitive that parses text as if it were a class file
it just returns true/false depending on whether the parse succeeded
it's kind of a novelty, and I had to violate data hiding (not that it isn't violated already a billion times in that file) to do it
so while it is the only simple way to get access to the parser's class library mode, i don't think it's worth adding as a new function/primitive
Brian Heim
Feb 26 2017 20:05
so as far as closing #52 goes, I think that will have to be taken more on faith
btw here's how the function I wrote looks:
thisProcess.interpreter.parse("+ Object {}", true);
thisProcess.interpreter.parse("+ Object {}", false);
the second argument is false by default, but if you set it to "true" it parses as if it were a class file
the first line returns true, and the second returns false