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Mar 2017
Brian Heim
Mar 29 2017 20:17
hey @bagong
  1. this code fails because i don't have a folder in my home dir named tmp (I did modify it but just wanted to let you know)
2: when does it crash in context?
3: you're creating massive arrays. it sounds like a memory issue to me
96000 * 32 * 32 = 98304000.. I think FloatArray.newFrom will definitely crash if you try to feed it something that big
Brian Heim
Mar 29 2017 20:22
either way, it would be much faster if you created the array at once using some maths rather than create three massive intermediary arrays with .collect and .lace, especially if you want to work with arrays that large
Brian Heim
Mar 29 2017 20:30
sorry.. i wish i could diagnose further but that's all i can comment right now
Rainer Sch├╝tz
Mar 29 2017 21:55
Thanks, @brianlheim , for reacting. Yea, what you say sounds plausible. My problem is that I don't know the maths to create an array that would allow to generate interleaved data for multichannel... I'll think about it better and see if I can ask a better question.
I was halph asking also because the crashes I see seem linked to the "garbage collector" work done a few months ago. I even get "grey count errors" if I run the code in context. But seems totally indeterministic....
Brian Heim
Mar 29 2017 22:34
Ahh, i see. Yeah, GC errors would only be deterministic if you ran the same exact sequence of events after compiling the class library