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Dec 2015
Javier Ruiz Corisco
Dec 07 2015 16:59

Hello guys, I just came across your jQPlot revival library because I was having some issues with the standard one. All of a sudden, a series of charts I built with the standard jQPlot (using Ruby on Rails as the backend, but not the problem definitely) started loading REALLY slow on Chrome. Safari and Firefox work fine. Makes the whole browser slow, and eventually it can make it crash.

Just tried using your revival library to see if my jQplot gem (which was using an old jQPlot dist) was the problem, but got the exact same issue. Is there something from the top of your head that can cause this behaviour?

The thing is that I didn't change a thing, it just started lagging like hell, and now this feature I built is unusable on Chrome T___T
The charts are showing alright, but the page is lagging. I tried brute-force, disabling other libraries to see which one was causing this lagging, and jQPlot was the winner. The charts are showing alright, but it's like all the memory is leaking or something.