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hey! Could somebody help me on how do i fix this : Cannot set property ɵfac of function BaseChartComponent(chartElement, zone, cd) {
this.chartElement = chartElement;
this.zo...<omitted>... } which has only a getter
ngx graph orientation:'TB' gives me nice vertical alignment of nodes. However, the labels (links text) is also shown from top to bottom. Instead can I show it from left to right? thanks
Is a gauge chart like this possible with either the gauge or linear gauge chart?
Where you can compare a single value against a set of predetermined values?
Hello. Is there a way to switch the charts to the Dark theme that is on the Demo page via an option of some sort or is it all in css?
the pie chart is disappearing after I got data?
HI, I?m trying to build a two y axis chart following this example, https://github.com/habi4ek/double-axis-chart/blob/master/src/app/show-chart/show-chart.component.html but I when importing import { id } from '@swimlane/ngx-charts/release/utils'; I get the following error Cannot find module '@swimlane/ngx-charts/release/utils' or its corresponding type declarations. Anyone has the same issue?
Hello! I need to edit a linear graph, I need to extract X and Y of all points, can someone help me? Thanks! (I need to draw cricles on all points)
David Hamiter
Hi all. This seems to have been asked a few times before, but can't find a clear answer. What's the expected data format for activeEntries? Also, will it work if the 'name' prop for an item in the given series is of type Date? Can't seem to get this to work at all on a multi-series timeline line chart.
Tejas Sawant
Hi All, I need to always display the plotted dots onto the line chart graph irrespective of hover. Can someone help me with this?
1 reply
Hi All, I am using an ngx chart for a Line chart..I want to start the y axis value with 5 as minimum and no max values...it can grow to whatever. When I m using [yScaleMin] = "5" inside html component its starting from 5 ending in 0 i.e going descending order. Once I set the max value [yScaleMax] = "50" its fine but I cannot keep any max value as per requiremnt. Any help on this?
Santiago Valle
Hi all, im using a custom ngx chart, specially the stacked horizontal bar chart, where in the xAxisTicks i need to put dates(days, calendar week, and month).
the issue that i have, and is killing me, is the xaxistricks is repeated, the reason is the calendar week
there are a way to format the xaxistricks and not show the repeated dates
JIC, the style chart is like a gantt chart
Yung Ho
Hello community,
I would like to know whether it is possible with ngx-charts to extend my x-axis on click?
Or do I need to use chart.js? Does chart.js provide this possibility?
Magesh Murugesan
I am going to start the ngx-charts to my angular11 application. It's possible to show image as maker in the center of vertical bar graph. Image attached
safraou oussema
hey, any help , when i have all value =0
safraou oussema
Hello everyone, I am trying to draw a ngx line graph using the xAxisTicks property and and it doesnt allow me to have a predefined list.
Can anyone help?
Any workaround or fix for this issue? : swimlane/ngx-charts#1313
Wouter Lievens
Hi. I'm trying to make a heatmap, where the user selects a certain variable from a dataset. The heatmap coloring however doesn't seem to use the full range of the color scheme
I get the impression it is scaling from 0 to max rather than from min to max
Is that something that can be modified? Many of my data series have ranges where 0 is meaningless and I would love to use the heatmaps from this library.
I'm using the "aqua" linear color scheme here but for "solar" I have a similar issue.
Wouter Lievens
Found it! There are min and max inputs on the heat map chart component which help out with my issue, but they're undocumented at https://swimlane.gitbook.io/ngx-charts/v/docs-test/examples/heat-map-chart
Wouter Lievens
Is there a way to make the Y axis of the heatmap sort the entries ?
my data has gaps in it (in this case the values at the four "corners" (1,1 1,5 5,1 and 5,5) don't exist
structurally; in this particular dataset there are even more gaps

Getting Can't bind to 'xScale' since it isn't a known property of ':svg:g' errors

am using ngx chart 10.1.0 I searched this site but I don't get what is the answer for this is there a solution


hello, i have a requirement to provide a user dashboard on my angular application, display bar charts with data from an API, i also have an requirement to allow the user to drive the creation on the chart, i.e user creates a customers chart and selects the data that he/she wants to be displayed - this would be a call to the customers api,which the front end will then filter out the data based on what the user has selected...

My questions is with ngx-charts i know i can build a chart and define what data i want to show in the code ...i.e pre defined chart, but can i also allow my end users to build custom on demand charts on the UI?

Alexandr Ushakov
Hello. I am trying to use a line chart. The example from the documentation from Stackblitz does not start, because the view parameter must be string | Color, but if I set the color as a string, then I get the error scheme is undefined. Can anybody help?
Domagoj Bazina

Hello guys, I m using ngx-charts version 10.
The behavior I want to achieve is to change font color, on theme change event.
I' have found here: "swimlane/ngx-charts#540", that you can use " style="fill: grey;"" to change font color.

Is it possible to replace the style with ngStyle? When I made that change, it applied the first value defined in ngStyle, and it didn't react to any changes.

hey i use angular 10 and ngx-chart 16.0.0 , when i have all data 0 , i have this bug
any idea how to fix this bug
Hi everyone. I am trying to use ngx-charts in an Angular app with Angular Material. But I've been having a really tough time getting responsive sizing on an area chart to work in a material card. I've tried a number of suggestions I found online, but no luck yet. I was wondering if anyone has any examples they could share of Angular apps using ngx-charts with smooth responsive sizing.
Petr John
Hello, is there a way to rotate the box plot (https://swimlane.github.io/ngx-charts/#/ngx-charts/box-plot )? My dashboard is already filled with different charts and I can't fit a vertical box plot. Thanks!
Domagoj Bazina

Hello guys :)
I have a question about timeline.
So I've implemented a line-chart along with timeline, Y-axis displays numbers (20-100) and X-axis displays the time. There are several lines on the chart that represents the data (output from the sensors, each line represents a separate sensor).

Data that is displayed on the chart is dynamically changed. So approximately every minute I get the new data for each sensor (value and time). The problem happens, when one of the sensors doesn't send data for a time period, and the other ones do. E.g. one sensor sent the last data yesterday, and the rest of them sent data 2 minutes ago. In that case, the time gap on the chart is too big, and data is not displayed correctly (Look at the pictures).

I'm wondering, is there a way to prevent this behavior? I know that I can set Max and Min on the X-axis. Also, there is a timeline option, but it is also based on the values of the X-axis. Is there way to limit the value of the timeline ( so only I can select last 20 minutes or something like that)

Picture 1 and 2 display the same chart. In the second picture, you can see that I've selected a tiny area on the timeline so that You can see what happens when the time gap is too big. The blue line displays the data from two days ago, and the other line displays the data a minute ago.