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Does anyone have an example of a combo with group vertical bars?
Marius-Dan Turcanu
Hello Guys, I need to to build grouped bar chart with 2 y axis, can someone help me?
safraou oussema
hey , i need help , i want to get full text in chart
i'm using ngx-chart@16.0.0 But it not working in IE 11..! I tried using some polyfill but it didn't workout. Any suggestion ? Thanks in advance
hi, is there any way to access source code of the demo app in https://swimlane.github.io/ngx-charts ?
Nidhi Bhatt
Hello all Is there any example demo code available for Treemap-Interactive chart if anyone knows how to use please guide me
Hello, I have a problem while trying to export a line chart with html2canvas to PDF. Normally, there is a grid and no gradient under the chart. What is happening while the export, and how to avoid that effect and export the chart as is?
Nidhi Bhatt
@marjan-georgiev please reply on my question above.
Nidhi Bhatt
@marjan-georgiev please reply ASAP on my question i need to add this chart in my project
Hardik Chauhan
Label overlapping issues
Hardik Chauhan
Lance Dinh

Hi, im fairly new to this library and am working on a project that requires the reference line(on a line chart) to be a different color and it the value for the reference line be shown on the y-axis. Looking thru the library I wasn't able to find any intuitive way to customize it to my needs.

Like so https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bCog-n6FY__ZoVP98cXCJ8Eo5wSU1Ooa/view?usp=sharing


@blance97 if you want to add a reference line you going to need to generate the data. As for colors [customColors] is what your looking for.
Hey has anyone ever had this specific issue when trying to integrate a sparkline chart into their code: "ERROR TypeError: Class constructor BaseChartComponent cannot be invoked without 'new'" I'm really at a loss with this
Pruthvi Rayudu
Screenshot (42).png Hi, i'm using ngx-charts. I am having one bar graph and i need one line indicator that describes the flow of the graph. That line does not represent any data. I went through many examples but none of them solved my issue. Im posting the graph image above. Thanks in advance
@rayudu017_twitter What do you mean the line does not represent any data? You don't have data to plot the line?
You will need to generate data to plot the line if you don't have it
how can i sort numeric legend value to descending order?
2 replies
here is the image i want it as 120,60,30,15
Jignesh M. Khatri

Does anyone know how to fix height issue for vertical bar chart? I have bootstrap grid column, in which I want to display bar chart, and data is dynamic. But chart is overflowing parent div in height slightly. I have fixed the height of parent div, and that works fine, parent div does not expand. But chart overflows it in height. Width works just fine.

Code for reference:
<div class="col-4"> <div class="card p-3 shadow"> <div style="height: 400px; width: 100%" #containerRef> <ngx-charts-bar-vertical [view]="[containerRef.offsetWidth, 400]" [xAxis]="showXAxis" [legendPosition]="'below'" [yAxis]="showYAxis" [legend]="showLegend" [showXAxisLabel]="showXAxisLabel" [showYAxisLabel]="showYAxisLabel" [scheme]="colorScheme" [results]="totalSalesData" [xAxisLabel]="xAxisLabel" [yAxisLabel]="yAxisLabel"> </ngx-charts-bar-vertical> </div> </div> </div>

Jignesh M. Khatri
Here is how it looks for now. Whole chart with legend should be contained in card.
Is there a way to move the legend closer to the chart?
<ngx-charts-area-chart [scheme]="innkjopGraf.colorScheme" [legend]="innkjopGraf.legend" [legendTitle]="innkjopGraf.legendTitle" [legendPosition]="innkjopGraf.legendPosition" [showXAxisLabel]="innkjopGraf.showXAxisLabel" [showYAxisLabel]="innkjopGraf.showYAxisLabel" [xAxis]="innkjopGraf.xAxis" [yAxis]="innkjopGraf.yAxis" [timeline]="innkjopGraf.timeline"  [results]="innkjopGraphSource">

innkjopGraf= {
    //view: [450, 300],
    colorScheme: {
      domain: ['#5AA454', '#E44D25', '#CFC0BB', '#7aa3e5', '#a8385d', '#aae3f5'],
    showYAxisLabel: false,
    showXAxisLabel: false,
    xAxis: true,
    yAxis: true,
    timeline: true,
    legend: true,
    legendTitle: '',
    legendPosition: 'below',
Screenshot (10).png
Hello everyone, I have this code for ngx-charts-gauge and as you can see the 0 is huge. Why it's like that? Also when I pass a negative value, it shows for example: 0-12 instead of -12:
 <ngx-charts-gauge [view]="gaugeDimensions"
Alberto Tavoletti
Hello everyone, did you know if there is a way to get a doughnut (pie) with multiple series??
Like this one of ng2-charts: https://valor-software.com/ng2-charts/#/DoughnutChart
Osman Raif Güneş
Hello, I am using ngx-charts-bar-vertical-stacked and the bars are too small.
There is no high data value. but ticks are too small.
Osman Raif Güneş
Hmm i fixed. If the provided data is in string format (like : "3") it stays so small
Dylan Storey
Hello everyone, I am building a feature which will allow the user to switch between a <ngx-charts-bar-vertical-stacked> chart and a <ngx-charts-line-chart> chart, using the same data source. However, the values of the x and y axes seem to swap when I switch between graphs. Does anyone know how I would be able to keep the same values for the x and y axes when swapping from one graph to the other?
I would like to keep the months as the x-axis for both charts - any help would be appreciated! Thank you
Ricardo Gonzalez
Hello, is there a way. to add images to labels in ngx-charts-bar-horizontal?
I was thinking is something like this.
"meta": {
"link": 'https://image.flaticon.com/icons/svg/145/145812.svg',
Hey !! I recently updated the version of @swimlane/ngx-Charts from ^12.0.1 to ^13.0.4
I am getting the below error Module '"@swimlane/ngx-charts"' has no exported member 'roundedRect'
from where can i import the member roundedRect?
hey! Could somebody help me on how do i fix this : Cannot set property ɵfac of function BaseChartComponent(chartElement, zone, cd) {
this.chartElement = chartElement;
this.zo...<omitted>... } which has only a getter
ngx graph orientation:'TB' gives me nice vertical alignment of nodes. However, the labels (links text) is also shown from top to bottom. Instead can I show it from left to right? thanks
Is a gauge chart like this possible with either the gauge or linear gauge chart?
Where you can compare a single value against a set of predetermined values?