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@k-rossi what is not working about npm run build-pkg
Sid Vangala
Is there a way to set the column width to column content
m first col needs 110 width but the rest need 50
<ngx-datatable [ngClass] ="tableStyle" [rows]="jsonRows" [columnMode]="'force'" headerHeight= "auto" rowHeight="50" [scrollbarH]="{'true': summaryPage}" >
<ngx-datatable-column *ngFor="let column of resultColumns" [prop] = "" width="110">
so i am populating the columns from a JSON file
Jhonata Simonetto
Hi guys
any idea what can be this ?
Hi guys! I'm new in Angular and ngx-datatables.. I want to know if it is possible add a custom row as the first row (with text input fields), between header and body table.. Thanks!
Hi everyone, is there support to provide a custom template to datatable-progress element to create a custom loading screen?
Hello everyone. I'm trying to get table sorting to work with custom templates, but I can't seem to find any documentation telling me what anything does. When I click the element that triggers the sort function, I can see the markup changing (adding/ removing desc classes etc), but all the data is staying in the same place. Is there any place I can find what I actually need to set up for sorting to work?
Hi I am working on a table and I am wondering how you guys would go about doing something:
So basically my original plan was to use Bootstraps badges within the grid. Like a highlight around certain cells. Color would change based on the text of the cell (It would have a handful of predefined answers and those would be the answers that the colors based off of). From what I was reading a bit ago using the bootstrap styling wouln't work here. So... How would you guys go about something like this
It didn't like me, but I added an image of the mockup I did for this as to what It is I am referring to

Hi all, I just found this forum so this is my first post. Typically I'm on StackOverflow but I'm having zero luck in identifying if this is or is not supported by ngx-datatable.
I found this after finding this issue posting that was similar to what I'm trying to do.

The roadblock that I'm facing is that when trying to set what rows are highlighted through a different component the selected values does get set but the rows do not highlight.

However, they will highlight once I mouse over the DataTable
I've been tackling this since last week trying every way I can think of to try and get the table to show the rows as highlighted automatically.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how this is done?

Here is what I posted to another in the swimlane site:
*What I have is the Map makes a call to a service which updates what is and is not marked as selected and then triggers an observable. Both the Map and the DataTable are subscribed to the service in order to get updates as to what is selected. Debugging in FireFox, I can see that the value for selected is updated in the DataTable and has the object for the row.

BUT, the DataTable will not highlight unless I mouse over the DataTable. I've been battling this since early last week.

I can make multiple selections in the Map and they will not show up either in the DataTable until I mouse over the DataTable. Then all the rows will highlight at that point.*

Is there a way to show images in ngx-datatable where src attribute value comes from backend?
Amruta Wandakar
Hello All, I'm trying to wrap text in ngx-datatable column can anyone please help how can i achieve this?
Alejandro Antolin Alcalde
Hi all!
Hi all. Does anyone have any workaround for selectAll action selecting rows even with disabled checkBoxes? It seems to be an existing bug that's even on the examples. Example: When we select all, the first row is also selected.
Syed Rasheed
hi all, NVDA Screen reader is not detecting ngx-datatable when i press shortcut "T" key and also when focus goes to table its not reading rows count and columns count, any suggestions to fix this?
Hello guys!
How are you doing?
Im trying to make the boostrap theme work in angular. Im being uncapable to do it
angular json styles : "node_modules/@swimlane/ngx-datatable/themes/bootstrap.scss"
app.component.scss : @import "../../node_modules/@swimlane/ngx-datatable/themes/bootstrap.scss";
Any ideas what it might be?
can we use multiple columns in groupRowsBy property like [groupRowsBy]="['col1', 'col2']" ??
Hi all! Anyone know this error ?
ERROR in node_modules/@swimlane/ngx-datatable/lib/components/body/body-cell.component.d.ts:8:9
error TS1086: An accessor cannot be declared in an ambient context.
set group(group: any);
get group(): any;
set rowHeight(val: number);
get rowHeight(): number;
Rohan Paul
Hi all, I am using ngx-datatable for the first time and for disabling hover on any specific row I am using css class as below
  .datatable-body-row:hover {
  border: 0px;

  .datatable-body-cell .table-checkbox {
    display: block;

  .datatable-body-cell {
    display: inline-block;

  .datatable-body-cell .row-icon {
    display: none;
just want to ask if there's a direct way from its api, to disable hover on row ?
Stefano E. Campanini

Hi I have a problem with the horizontal scrollbar. It disappears using a mobile device and the user cannot see other columns. Here some of my code:

        style="min-height: 30em; max-height: 30em;"
        [sorts]="[{ prop: 'totalEmail.tot', dir: 'desc' }]"
        <ngx-datatable-column name="Nome" prop="name" width="150" [frozenLeft]="true" [summaryFunc]="summName"></ngx-datatable-column>

here a part of the scss I'm using

$ngx-datatableHeight: 30em; 

:host ::ng-deep .datatable-body-cell {
    padding-top: 1px !important;
    border-bottom: 1px solid #cce5ff;

:host ::ng-deep .datatable-header .datatable-header-cell {
    padding-top: 2px !important;

:host ::ng-deep .ngx-datatable.material {
    height: $ngx-datatableHeight;

Any suggestions ? thx in advance.

Hi. anybody here to helpme out
santosh shresatha
I would like to know if anyone has customized tooltips.
ngx datatables not detected on NVDA on pressing 'T' key
how to solve this ? since these tables doesn't have table scematic elements
Mustapha Afkir
Hi guys, i have question. I have a table which i want to add an empty row on top of the data rows. This empty row is going to be column input fields where the user can fill in a search term that is used to get items based on this search term. Can someone point me to the right direction. Thanks
Allaa Khayat
Hey, is anyone getting the error 'An accessor cannot be declared in an ambient context.'
Hi all, I modified the style for the datatable-body-cell-label, which applies to the element holding the text inside a cell, to allow wrapping in print mode. As an unintended consequence, the cell with the wrapped text gets cut off when the page breaks. Please see for details -- any help would be immensely appreciated!
Hey Guys…Need some help… I’m looking to choose this library for my project needs… Most of the features in-house, seem to be matching what we need.. Can someone help me knowing, if this also supports server side row grouping… The target application expects none of search sort pagination and grouping(row) to be performed on the front end… What would you guys recommend?
Hi, I'm looking for some help with validation of inline editable ngx-datatable. Preferably with reactive forms. I have a complex component structure going something like this: page-component -> table-component -> editable-field-component. For the most part it seems to be working but it's failing with error: "this.form._updateTreeValidity is not a function". Which doesn't make too much sense to me. I was looking all around for some examples/demos for validation but couldn't find anything
@marjan-georgiev is anyone from swimlane monitoring this gitter at all? it doesn't seem that anyone is getting any help from you
Michael Sacco
Hi guys... I've seen a lot of mentions of having a sticky header when scrollbarV is false, but I haven't
yet been able to find a solution... does anyone have a fix for this? I'd really like to use the built in pagination but this is a major stopper for me, as I need to have both the header and footer sticky
Are you planning to fix issues of IE 11?
I'm trying to have a customer's first and last name in one column (Customer). Here's the object:
Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 5.36.23 PM.png