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Mustapha Afkir
Hi guys, i have question. I have a table which i want to add an empty row on top of the data rows. This empty row is going to be column input fields where the user can fill in a search term that is used to get items based on this search term. Can someone point me to the right direction. Thanks
Allaa Khayat
Hey, is anyone getting the error 'An accessor cannot be declared in an ambient context.'
Hi all, I modified the style for the datatable-body-cell-label, which applies to the element holding the text inside a cell, to allow wrapping in print mode. As an unintended consequence, the cell with the wrapped text gets cut off when the page breaks. Please see https://stackoverflow.com/questions/62181110/wrapped-text-in-ngx-datatable-rows-getting-cut-off-in-print-view for details -- any help would be immensely appreciated!
Hey Guys…Need some help… I’m looking to choose this library for my project needs… Most of the features in-house, seem to be matching what we need.. Can someone help me knowing, if this also supports server side row grouping… The target application expects none of search sort pagination and grouping(row) to be performed on the front end… What would you guys recommend?
Hi, I'm looking for some help with validation of inline editable ngx-datatable. Preferably with reactive forms. I have a complex component structure going something like this: page-component -> table-component -> editable-field-component. For the most part it seems to be working but it's failing with error: "this.form._updateTreeValidity is not a function". Which doesn't make too much sense to me. I was looking all around for some examples/demos for validation but couldn't find anything
@marjan-georgiev is anyone from swimlane monitoring this gitter at all? it doesn't seem that anyone is getting any help from you
Michael Sacco
Hi guys... I've seen a lot of mentions of having a sticky header when scrollbarV is false, but I haven't
yet been able to find a solution... does anyone have a fix for this? I'd really like to use the built in pagination but this is a major stopper for me, as I need to have both the header and footer sticky
Are you planning to fix issues of IE 11?
I'm trying to have a customer's first and last name in one column (Customer). Here's the object:
Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 5.36.23 PM.png
    this.rows = [...this.customersAndWork]; // Refresh the data
                    console.log(`@MD: ReportsPage -> ngOnInit -> this.rows `, this.rows );
                    this.columns = [{prop: 'first_name', name: 'first_name'}, { prop: 'date' }, { name: 'Staff' },  { name: 'Price' }];
I know my first column is wrong. I can get date, staff, and price to show in the table
Got it :
<ngx-datatable [rows]="rows"> 

          <ngx-datatable-column prop="date" name="Date">
            <ng-template let-row="row" ngx-datatable-cell-template>

          <ngx-datatable-column prop="customerInfo.last_name" name="Customer">
              <ng-template let-row="row.customerInfo" ngx-datatable-cell-template>
                  {{row.first_name}}  {{row.last_name}}

          <ngx-datatable-column prop="staff" name="Artist">
            <ng-template let-row="row" ngx-datatable-cell-template>

          <ngx-datatable-column prop="price" name="Price">
            <ng-template let-row="row" ngx-datatable-cell-template>

And no need for columns in the ts code
Each column is sortable
Hi team, i want to to show an SVG icon instead of "No data to display" message if the rows is an empty array. How can i do that?
Jacob Maughan
Hello. Is there an easy way to hide all rows containing a specific string in one column?
santosh shresatha
@Ashike12 any update on DragDrop?
Mike Mahon
kinda new to this component - is there a property to make individual cells editable? if so, can anyone help me find a good example ?
here let me google that for me... <--- sorry rtfm
Sergei Volkov
hello , does this package support inline editing with server side processing mode ?
M. Tariq Sheikh
i am working on ngx datatable, i need functionality, checbox, drop down, switch, i am able do using ang/mat but it only on ui not working on conditon like to do.
if i use inline editing each time it edit it go to server to update the column

Vertical and Horizontal scroll bar is not displaying in ionic app.

<ngx-datatable #table class="material" [rows]="(items!=null)?items: emptyArray" [columnMode]="'force'"
        [virtualization]='true' [columns]="options?.columns"
        [style.height]="options?.tableHeight ?options?.tableHeight :'100%'"
        [rowHeight]="options?.rowHeight?options?.rowHeight:50" [reorderable]="reorderable" [scrollbarV]="'true'"
        [scrollbarH]="'true'" [treeFromRelation]="options?.treeFromRelation" [treeToRelation]="options?.treeToRelation"
        (activate)="onActivate($event)" (treeAction)="onTreeAction($event)" [sorts]="options.sorts">

here is the following overrided global css
global.scss file:

//CSS Swimline ngx-datatable
$ngx-datatable-row-odd-background: #D9D9D9 !important;

.ngx-datatable .datatable-header {
  background: var(--table-header-bg-color);
  opacity: .9;
  background-color: var(--table-header-bg-color);
    .datatable-header-cell {
    background-color: var(--table-header-bg-color) !important;
    color: white !important;
    text-align: left !important;
    background-color: #2f2f2f !important;
.ngx-datatable.material .datatable-header .datatable-header-cell{
  padding: 1.2vw 0px 1.2vw 2.6vw;
  font-weight: 400;
  font-size: 2.8vw;
  border-right: 1px solid #d9d9d9;
.ngx-datatable.material .empty-row {
  color: var(--font-color);
.ngx-datatable.material .datatable-body .datatable-body-row .datatable-body-cell {
  color: var(--font-color);
  padding: 1.2vw 2vw;
  font-size: 2.5vw;
  border-right: 1px solid #d9d9d9;
.ngx-datatable.material .datatable-filter .datatable-filter-cell{
  padding-top:0.9em !important;
  padding-left: 0 !important;
  padding-right: 0 !important;
  padding-bottom: 0 !important;

.ngx-datatable .datatable-filter .datatable-filter-inner{
  padding-left: 0.7em;
.ngx-datatable, .info{
  font-size: 2vw !important;

.datatable-body-cell {
  // text-align: center !important
.datatable-row-even {
  background-color: var(--table-row-even-color);
  .datatable-row-left {
      background-color: var(--table-row-even-color) !important;

.datatable-row-odd {
  background-color: var(--table-row-odd-color);
  .datatable-row-left {
    background-color: var(--table-row-odd-color) !important;
 // width: 100% ;
.datatable-body.datatable-body {
  background: var(--table-row-even-color);

please,any help ?

how to avoid ngx-datatble showing duplicate records ?

this.takeoutService.getData(object).then(data => {
this.loading = false;
if (data.count !== 0) {
this.rows = data.items.data;
this.rows = [...this.rows];

            setTimeout(() => {
                this.loadingIndicator = false;
            }, 1500);

        } else {
            this.dataKosong = 'Data Not Found!';
            this.rows = [];
            this.itemCount = 0;


<ngx-datatable #myFilterTable style="..." class="bootstrap" [rows]="rows" [columns]="columns" (reload)="reloadItems()" [columnMode]="'force'" [scrollbarH]="true" [headerHeight]="50" [footerHeight]="50" [rowHeight]="'auto'" [loadingIndicator]="loadingIndicator" [limit]="5" [selected]="selected" [selectionType]="SelectionType.checkbox" [selectAllRowsOnPage]="false" [displayCheck]="displayCheck" (keyup)="reloadItems()" [reorderable]="reorderable" [sorts]="false" (activate)="onActivate($event)" (select)='onSelect($event)'>
Dinuka Hettirachchi
I want to display a number of rewards, but my code display rewards object id (figure 2). in figure 3, How I pass that 0 value in my code {{row.rewards}}. Please help me!
if I'm understanding correctly, I think you want that cell to display the result of this.row.rewards.reduce((a, b) => {return a + b.rewards}, 0)
I have some custom header templates and I am trying to make the following: Only drag and drop icon should make the column draggable (not the whole column name text) and the column should be sortable by either clicking on sort icon or by clicking on the column name. Currenlty, it can be sorted only by clicking on the icon, but I would like the whole thing to have the sorting option. I have been trying to do that for almost a day without any success. I hope that someone could help me
i have requirement where only last column should be a custom template with latest of ngx datatable. And all columns are generated dynamically so i am using ngfor to iterate through columns. i am kind of stuck here. If someone have solution, please help me.
Marius Žilėnas
hi guys. I really want to scroll my table to bottom row. How can i do it programatically? My datatable element is @ViewChild(DatatableComponent) table: DatatableComponent;
. And this is datatable <ngx-datatable [rows]="currentPaginatedElements" ngx-datatable class="bootstrap" [rowClass]="getRowClass" [columnMode]="ColumnMode.force" [headerHeight]="50" [externalPaging]="true" [externalSorting]="true" [count]="pagination.totalItems" [offset]="pagination.currentPage" [limit]="pagination.itemsPerPage" (activate)="onActivate($event)" (page)="setPage($event)" (sort)="onSort($event)" [class.datatable-row-even]="false" [class.datatable-row-odd]="false" [footerHeight]="50" rowHeight="auto" [scrollbarV]="true" [virtualization]="false" >
Hi everyone,
Can anyone explain how this {{group.value[0].age}} works in row grouping data?
Maliha Khizer
How can I put a *ngFor and a ngIf at <ngx-datatable-column>?
hello there
im tottally new to ngxdatatable
Amy Speed
It looks like this ngx-datatable is still missing the necessary aria roles to pass accessibility scans. Does anyone have a possible solution for adding them to an application? I can add role="grid" or role="table" to the ngx-datatable element. Is there a way to add roles to the rest of the elements the table?
Abdelrahman Haridy


How can i add toFixed(2) function
in summaryRow results ??

Hi All, I am using ngx-datatable in my Angular project (v11), & the icons are displayed as alphabets , although in official docs, it shows correctly. This is how it looks in my project :
But this is how it should look, as given in official doc : https://swimlane.github.io/ngx-datatable/#responsive