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by glueing functions)
well, it may be that :noh only works in develop, i can't be sure
@lamudri global-evil-search-highligh-persist command would disable such behavior at all, you can put it into your user-config function in your config
James Wood
@a13ph, :noh doesn't work for me, so I don't know what's wrong there.
Hi. How do I get accents in evil spacemacs? Like C-x 8 ' e for é
Eugene Yaremenko
@agzam :heart:
Ag Ibragimov
@jdelStrother I suggest you explore C-x C-k group of bindings. Emacs has extremely rich macro system. You can create a macro, then explore the underliying elisp, edit it and save it as a function, etc.
James Wood
Ah, changing evil-search-module from evil-search to isearch seems to make a difference. Does evil-search have any advantages?
Wilson Chiang
is there a way to get like basic errorr highlighting for ruby for things like undefined variable? Or is that part of the gtags stuff?
Brandon Conway
flycheck should provide that for you
in the syntax-checking layer I think
Wilson Chiang
hmm ok maybe its because im using the rubocop for checking?
Brandon Conway
it tells me all of my rails methods are undefined lol
Ag Ibragimov
hey guys…. noob question… is there a way to copy filepath of file under cursor in dired (without opening it)
Steven Leiva
@jdelStrother Thanks for the reply. Couldn’t find that setting.
Using the windows version, has anyone else noticed that helm-ag returns multiple instances of the same result ?
I have been learning org-mode and I would like to create a beamer presentation. How do I import a beamer template? Any documentation for this?
Steven Leiva
Hello folks.
I’m trying to modify the configuration of the react layer.
However, I see setq-default in various locations in my .spacemacs file.
How do I know if I should put this in dotspacemacs/layers function or dotspacemacs/init?
Alex Palaistras
That is all
Brandon Conway
me too!
as i found it, we spent almost a day with my coworker configuring it
i mean playing with it
called it tool imrovement on standup next day
and was totally worth it :smile:
a day configuring magit wut ?
learning spacemacs i meant
oh! ok I'm retarded
I've been playing with spacemacs every night since I discovered it last week
the keybindings feel so good
Ole Petter Orhagen
Anyone know how to get company completion going with yasnippet-snippets completion for a mode that currently does not have a backend. I see that yasnippet is enabled for all backends. Does that mean I can simply write a company-backend that does nothing, and it will autocomplete the snippets belonging to the mode?
its just so addictive. guess i`ll never look back. checked out scala a bit layer also - see no reason to use an ide any more
*scala layer
Fabien Dubosson
@deuill syl20bnr/spacemacs#6378
Alex Palaistras
hahahahaha blush
Nathan Tomsic
is there a way to make auto indent smarter?
ie use tabs if previous line /file is using tabs
found this the other day:
(defun infer-indentation-style ()
;; if our source file uses tabs, we use tabs, if spaces spaces, and if
;; neither, we use the current indent-tabs-mode
(tab-count (how-many-region (point-min) (point-max) "^\t")))
(let ((space-count (how-many-region (point-min) (point-max) "^ "))