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error running timer required: (error helm-mode is not currently registered a minor mode
has anyone seen this error?
Troy Hinckley
@kbdluv you will need to look into using dirtrack
Nir Friedman
On an imenu related note I tried turning on semantic mode just for imenu
so worth it
semantic sucks for more advanced things like auto completion but for imenu it just works
combines really nicely treemacs tag-follow-mode
Nir Friedman
for any who are interested, a couple of nice new things I tweaked in my setup:
1) I ported the evil-collection mini buffer stuff into a spacemacs layer. It's basic, but it does give you evil in the minibuffer, including helm
2) If you're using treemacs (neotree improvement), you may notice that treemacs right now is getting the number 1, so each time you add/remove it, it changes your other windows numbering
You can add these two lines
  ;; Stotp treemacs from messing up numbering. Bind SPC caps-lock (esc)
  ;; to select treemacs
  (add-to-list 'winum-ignored-buffers " *Treemacs-Framebuffer-1*")
  (spacemacs/set-leader-keys "<escape>" 'treemacs-select-window)
this prevents it from g etting a number, and you can also assign selecting the window ot whatever you want
Mischa Spiegelmock
any ideas on this?
Evidlo anyone looked at spacevim?
Evidlo didn't work as well as I had hoped
heyarne hey there. is there a shortcut by searching for file content in the current project? essentially what ag does?
@heyarne SPC p p opens HELM Projectile where you can select a project, if you highlight the project you want to search in, then you can press C-s "Grep in projects" and a helm-ag buffer opens. That might be what your looking for.
Evidlo heyarne: you can use SPC f g and just choose the project folder in the first prompt
heyarne duianto (Gitter):
heyarne oops. yup, what worked
heyarne Evidlo: your solution tells me rgrep exited early because find expects a ; somewhere
heyarne find: -exec: no terminating ";" or "+"
Evidlo what was your search query?
heyarne It's "snip". And I had the same result when searching for "all" or a specific file. Also, does it always use find?
Evidlo It uses grep, not find
heyarne yes i saw that. find -exec grep basically, to restrict file types i guess?
Evidlo this is what I get when i search snip: https://dpaste.de/huMw
heyarne here's mine: https://dpaste.de/gGhZ
heyarne when searching for "test"
Evidlo executes fine on my machine
Evidlo find v4.6.0 and grep v2.27
Evidlo both GNU
heyarne so it works when i terminate it with an escaped ; like \;
heyarne find doesn't want to let me know its version (??), grep is grep (BSD grep) 2.5.1-FreeBSD
heyarne on macOS 10.13
Evidlo find --version
Evidlo easy fix: build GNU find yourslf and add to your path
Evidlo and grep if necessary
Evidlo you should submit a bug report
Adam Gibbins
Hi, what is the meaning of the =in this: (spell-checking :variables =enable-flyspell-auto-completion= t) seen here http://spacemacs.org/layers/+checkers/spell-checking/README.html
heyarne Evidlo: I tried find --version tells me illegal option -- -. find -v doesn't work either. Where should I open the bug / where's the rgrep repository? Is it something provided by spacemacs?
Evidlo heyarne: you probably have BSD find or something
Evidlo file a bug with spacemacs, at leasst
heyarne Yup. man find opens the "BSD General Commands Manual"
heyarne Will do. Thx
@adamgibbins The = signs should not be included in the command, they are probably just a typo when the html page was exported. They indicate that text inside the = signs should be shown verbatim (no org specific syntax) source: http://orgmode.org/manual/Emphasis-and-monospace.html
The github page doesn't show the = signs: https://github.com/syl20bnr/spacemacs/tree/master/layers/%2Bcheckers/spell-checking
Nir Friedman
evidlo what was wrong with spacevim
I've ben curious about it
André Peric Tavares
Hey. Is anyone using visual-fill-column? (https://github.com/joostkremers/visual-fill-column)
I'm trying to soft wrap lines at column 80 but it won't work
    (spacemacs/add-to-hooks 'visual-fill-column-mode '(visual-line-mode-hook))
    (spacemacs/add-to-hooks 'turn-on-visual-line-mode '(org-mode-hook))
    (setq fill-column 80)