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Jun 2014
Sushant Hiray
Jun 11 2014 14:16
@certik I was thinking of inheriting the exp class from pow class as opposed to creating a new file or inheriting from function. What do you think?
Aaron Meurer
Jun 11 2014 15:47
don't make the mistake SymPy made. Make exp(x) just a shorthand for pow(E, x)
it's better to special case E in one place (pow) than to special case exp everywhere in the code that tries to deal with pow objects
Sushant Hiray
Jun 11 2014 17:05
@asmeurer Thanks for the suggestion
I was suggesting a similar thing when we inherit it from pow and finally the exp function would just be pow(E, x)
The Exp class can be in referred while adding functions like rewrite_as_exp in trignometric classes