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Jun 2014
Sushant Hiray
Jun 13 2014 04:36
@certik I was actually thinking in terms of rewrite_as_exp for various trignometric classes. But come to think of it, I guess we can still get away with just having a function and still implement those!
So I guess we'll just have a function then
Sushant Hiray
Jun 13 2014 05:11
The only difference that we might need to incorporate is special case in diff for pow so that it handles e^x->diff(x)
Aaron Meurer
Jun 13 2014 17:24
diff(a^x, x) is log(a)*a^x and log(e) is 1
Sushant Hiray
Jun 13 2014 18:27
@asmeurer true, but we are yet to implement log(x) in CSymPy. I'll be implementing it shortly. Till then I will be adding this condition.