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Jul 2014
Ondřej Čertík
Jul 16 2014 16:29
@sushant-hiray yes, agreed.
@thilinarmtb yes, for the diff method I think
you can remove it and see where it fail to compile
@thilinarmtb, what remains to be done with your GSoC project?
just the sparse stuff?
What I was thinking is that we should wrap it up in Python and benchmark it (against sympy, Sage, Mathematica, Ginac) and in general test it with sympy to make sure it works as expected.
Thilina Rathnayake
Jul 16 2014 19:36
@certik : It fails to compile without it. Yes, mostly the sparse matrix related algorithms. That's a good idea, we can find more bugs and see how much we need to improve.
Ondřej Čertík
Jul 16 2014 22:55
@thilinarmtb yes, it's a good idea to implement basic support for sparse matrices, it will actually be very useful, see my reply: