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Jul 2014
Francesco Biscani
Jul 23 2014 13:11
@certik isn't arb a library for certified accuracy? I can see some cases in which one would want to have something between double and certified accuracy, i.e., straight MPFR. There are also further options like
what I am doing in piranha is to have the evaluation functions defined generically as templates, so you can feed in any type that supports a certain protocol for evaluation
btw MPFI is considered "good enough" for boost to support it in the multiprecision library
Ondřej Čertík
Jul 23 2014 22:43
@bluescarni yes, Arb is for certified accuracy. But Fredrik has implemented some very fast algorithms there and I think it has better support for special functions than mpfr. For CAS, you really want to know the accuracy of the final answer. However, I think it will be valuable to have various ways to evaluate an expression, using double, quadmath, mpfr, Arb, .... I think the visitor pattern should allow one to easily hook his own favorite library.