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Dec 2014
Chris Swierczewski
Dec 18 2014 01:26
Adding a datapoint that csympy builds on OSX. Built it today and it's working so far.
Are there any short-term plans for making the new data types work with Sympy Polys?
In [1]: from sympy import *
In [2]: from csympy import *
In [3]: x = var('x')
In [4]: Poly(x**2 + 1, x)
AttributeError                            Traceback (most recent call last)
AttributeError: 'csympy.lib.csympy_wrapper.Symbol' object has no attribute 'is_commutative'

In [5]:
Sushant Hiray
Dec 18 2014 03:24
@cswiercz buildng using clang has been fixed on OS X. We are now looking into providing support for gcc on OS X too.
Aaron Meurer
Dec 18 2014 03:56
does it build on older versions of OS X too?
Sushant Hiray
Dec 18 2014 03:59
I've just tried on Yosemite, we might need to add -stdlib=libc++ explicitly, I guess in older versions the default is not this. But I would have to try it before doing that. Are you having access to an older version?
Aaron Meurer
Dec 18 2014 06:20
I have access to 10.7
Isuru Fernando
Dec 18 2014 14:11
@cswiercz, this seems to be a bug in SymPy. All CSymPy objects are supposed to be converted to SymPy objects in all SymPy functions before doing anything. Issue here is that Poly method in SymPy converts only the first argument, but doesn't convert the second argument.
Chris Swierczewski
Dec 18 2014 17:28
@sushant-hiray I've only tried on Yosemite. Yesterday I pulled the changes since my first attempt (see this chat room above) compiled, and the basic stuff seems to work well.
Ondřej Čertík
Dec 18 2014 23:18
Thanks @cswiercz I am glad it's fixed now ons OS X!
We'll look if we can regularly test it on Travis
@sushant-hiray I saw your issue on travis-ci about this --- we don't need to use the Python environment at all, we can just use C environment
on both linux and mac
and just install Python for tests that need it using Conda.
@cswiercz until it's fixed in SymPy, just call sympy.sympify() on the x yourself for now.
Chris Swierczewski
Dec 18 2014 23:21
Thank you!