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Jan 2015
Shivam Vats
Jan 03 2015 07:45
I couldn't agree more. Github makes it easier for beginners to contribute and get help from the community. One can learn a lot during the pr review process.
Shivam Vats
Jan 03 2015 09:49
Is there a way to define multiple Csympy symbols together, like symbols does in Sympy? Presently I'm getting a "not defined" error with x, y = symbols('x, y').
Isuru Fernando
Jan 03 2015 16:18
@shivamvats there is no specific method yet.
Btw, if you want to start off with fixing a few small bugs, look at sympy/csympy#259, although the example there is fixed now, there are some more errors in pow like (x*y)**z) prints x*y^z
There are lots of functions and classes in C++, that do not have Python wrapper functions. You could start implementing those.
Shivam Vats
Jan 03 2015 16:25
Thanks a lot @isuruf !